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Beginner’s Guide to Role Play Chat

2017, July 14

Role play chat might seem confusing at first. What am I supposed to do? Are there rules? How do I stay safe? We’ve got you covered. Our free roleplay chat rooms are a great place to get started, meet someone new, and let sparks fly.


7 Tips: Look Good on Cam Chat

2017, July 09

It’s undeniably exciting when you start a Cam Chat session with someone new. The excitement and anticipation as you connect is really something. However, it can be a bit of a let down if what you see on your screen doesn’t match the image in your head.


How To Protect Your Chat Experience

2017, May 08

Are random private messages bringing you down? Read this to see what you can do about it.


How to Protect Your Privacy on the Forums

2017, May 07

Are you worried about people learning too much about you from your forum account? Read on to learn about what you can do.


6 Cool Things You Can Do on the Forums

2017, May 06

Did you know there are lots of cool things you can do with our forums? Read more and find out.


FCN Cam and Mic Guide

2016, November 18

Have you been having trouble with using your webcam or microphone in chat, or do you want to learn how to use FCN's cam and mic features for the first time? We've added that information to the Guide.


How to Quickly Turn Up the Heat in A Sex Chat Room

2016, November 07

Are your chats going nowhere? Wanna rev things up and get down to business? Here's how.


Safely Meeting People from the Internet

2016, November 03

Are you considering meeting a stranger from the Internet in person, and don't want the night to end with your head stuffed and mounted over a fireplace?


Connection Problems: Fixed!

2016, November 02

A fairly severe recent technical problem left some of our services functioning at less than their full potential. We've been working hard to get everything in order, and now the connection problem many users were having is resolved.


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Free Chat

2016, October 07

Dating apps may have taken over recently, but chat rooms were the original place on the internet where people went to make friends and form emotional connections. Dating apps encourage a more superficial ...