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FCN: #winning

2017, September 26

FCN: #winning

You've probably noticed on your own by now, but FCN's population is growing significantly. From the moment we implemented our new chat software, we knew that the increased mobile compatibility would mean potentially doubling our user base, but the results we're seeing have been surprising. Over the last half year, we've seen gains of about ten percent more traffic every month. Our chat tends to have around two thousand concurrent users, and our forum membership is up to about one hundred thousand.

To all of our users: Thank you for helping us to make that happen.

New Chat Rooms

With so many users now, we're looking at expanding our roster of chat rooms to create a more comfortable chat experience for everyone. We haven't fully decided exactly what the new rooms will be, but they will be based on locales (nationality, region, etc), topics (interests, etc), or both.

Visit the New Rooms Poll Thread and post your nominations (and seconds, thirds, etc) for new chat rooms, and then, soon after, we'll have a poll. We can't guarantee things will turn out exactly how you vote, but we'd like to get your feedback to help us anticipate what would best serve everyone's needs.

Chat Service Improvements

Improvements to the chat client and the chat service on the back-end continue. We've made the client faster and more stable, improved the reliability of webcams, and will continue working on most aspects of the chat as we go. Keep watching the Chat Changelog for updates about new features and enhancements.