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FCN's Fight Against Child Abuse and Spam

2020, May 16

FCN's Fight Against Child Abuse and Spam was created 21 years ago. Look how cute we used to look when we were a Baby :). We've changed ownership once since then, but our core principles have remained the same, to provide a free online chat service to the masses without having to register and disclose your personal information. What separates us from other chat sites is our persistent commitment to quality across the board of all aspects that make a chat site great. We pride ourselves at being the safest and most enjoyable adult chat service available in the world.

Why do we consider ourselves the best? Simply because we're the smartest, we use chat software developed in house (we don't download chat scripts off the internet that can be exploited where users sensitive data can be stolen). We invest more money than any other service in keeping spam at bay. The quality of our chat rooms is unrivaled due to the lack of bots and scammers which plague every other popular chat network.


The quality of our chat rooms and safety of our users come at a huge cost to us, not just financially but in terms of man hours spent on the constant daily battles between career spammers and general offenders. This is a good time to mention our human moderators who work on a voluntary basis in their spare time. Take a second once in a while to thank a moderator for all of the effort they put into protecting us and our peers. In this circumstance, on our website, they go above and beyond what is asked from the general online chat/forum moderator, babysitting chat rooms over 2000 users strong, it's a really tough job to do properly and their importance and value can not be overstated.

Tech and AI

Paired with our exceptional human moderation team, what gives us an additional edge over competitor chat services is our use and understanding of AI technology and our incredibly gifted system engineers and developers. These engineers are continually building and refining tools that automatically detect threats and block them from the chat rooms. They are also responsible for the complex back end moderation system developed for our human moderators to make their jobs easier. New dangers emerge every day and our systems are tweaked every day to keep up with the constant ever changing threats.

One of our proudest achievements and probably the most valuable tool of our backend operation is the automation system we've developed that integrates reporting to the NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children). This makes it possible to submit in bulk to various law enforcement agencies all over the world depending on the infraction. At a simple click of a button our human moderators can generate and entire report of a users illegal activity containing all of the information required for the law enforcement agency to act upon. We have a thread in our forums that dedicated to Child Abuse and our efforts to combat it that is updated monthly the feedback of the reports we've submitted such as cause of action, arrests and links to any media coverage regarding arrests.

We're going to keep on fighting the sexual offenders, scammers and spammers no matter the cost and would to invite you to join in on the fun! Using the "Report" function in the chat rooms is a very effective way to get attention (be careful not to abuse it, you'll end up getting banned) it starts a sequence of events that gets a moderators attention far more effectively than trying to private message them and report an infraction that way. Report suspected illegal activity and do your part in keeping our community safe and secure for us all.