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How to Protect Your Privacy on the Forums

2017, May 07

How to Protect Your Privacy on the Forums

Are you worried about people learning too much about you from your forum account? Here, we'll talk about some of the forum's privacy features, and hopefully get you feeling a bit more secure.

Contact Details

At the top right, if you click your username, or just hover over it, you get a dropdown-list of options. One that will alleviate stress for a lot of users is the Contact Details menu. From here, you can decline to receive site mailings, decide whether to receive private messages ("conversations") at all, and if so, from whom, whether to receive an email when someone opens a new private message with you, and add -- or remove -- usernames for various instant messaging services.


The next menu in the list is the Privacy menu. This will let you hide your current activity from other users, or even mask the fact that you are online. You can opt out of site mailings here as well. You can hide your birth date, whether the day and month, the year, or both. You can hide your chat credit balance. You can prevent users, whether registered, unregistered, or both, from viewing your profile page, posting messages to your profile page, receiving your news feed, or sending you private messages. The drop-down menus let you select which type of user is allowed to do what, and the checkbox disables the feature entirely for all types of users.

These two areas contain all of the important privacy and peace of mind options that we have. Explore them, get things set up to your liking, and relax.