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Beginner’s Guide to Role Play Chat

2017, July 14

Role play chat might seem confusing at first. What am I supposed to do? Are there rules? How do I stay safe? We’ve got you covered. Our free roleplay chat rooms are a great place to get started, meet someone new, and let sparks fly.

What is roleplay chat?

Put simply, role play chat is a way to be imaginative and fun when talking to someone new. You can “get into character” and pretend to be whoever you want, most often in a fun scenario that fires the imagination, sparks emotions, and creates connections. The key thing to remember is that both role players know they are in character, and the scenarios you chat about only exist in each other’s minds. It's not real, so don't take it personally.

What sorts of role play chat are there?

Pretty much every sort of role play style you can think of can be found in our roleplay chat rooms. You can keep it innocent, or you can make your chat more adult oriented. Even so, there are two main categories that most online role play interactions fall under:

  • Us versus the world: Essentially, you’re trying to forge a special bond with the person you’re talking to. Make it clear that you and your chat partner are the only people online worth giving a damn about. “We should sneak off and leave all these boring people behind”, or “We’re going to get so naughty together, and it’ll be our big secret” are good opening thoughts in this case. The idea is to get the other person excited about talking to you. Use your imagination!

  • Sexual chemistry: A time tested and effective way to start role play chats that rely on sexual chemistry is to use dominant/submissive roles up front. You get a pretty clear idea of what your significant other wants if they open with “You’re my secretary and I’m your boss”, or “You’re my naughty teacher and I’m your innocent student”. Don’t be put off if you don’t get success right away, because one great thing about online role play chat is you can move on to the next person with a simple click. Keep going until you find someone who gets you.

Can you give me specific examples?

Role play chat generally takes one of four forms:

  • Teach me/Train me
  • Everyone here is jealous/No one understands us
  • I’ll take care of you (not in a serious way)
  • You’re my/I’m your etc.

Keep the role play chat mutual -- don't expect them to do all the work, nor forget to let them give some input -- and don’t be insulting (unless they’re already engaging in that kind of adult humor). Keep these in mind, and you’re good to go.

What about humor?

Humor is always a great way to break through barriers, and acts as an ice breaker for the more serious conversations ahead. Get the vibe of the person you are chatting with and see if a dash of humor gets you somewhere. Don't try it if you're not funny, though!

Should I use a script?

Scripts -- or predefined lines -- do see some success, but you might be hurting your chances with someone who may not be into that particular style of role play chat, who would still find you interesting otherwise. Natural role-playing that springs right out of the conversation itself is exciting, spontaneous, and can take your chat to interesting new places.

But mostly...

Focus on making your role playing fun and cooperative, providing something interesting for all participants, and you will both have a great time. Well, what are you waiting for? Visit our Roleplay Chat rooms now!