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Features for the Best Mobile Chat Experience

2017, July 24

Features for the Best Mobile Chat Experience

We live in a world today where low-res, pop-up riddled, Flash powered mobile chat sites are beginning to feel dated. People want a great mobile chat experience that actually works on mobile. With iOS dropping Flash support and Java beginning to be phased out, sites that work, look great, and deliver the best mobile chat experience are here to stay.

We’ve asked our users, taken a look around the web, and have highlighted 3 things to avoid when using mobile chat sites. If the site you use does any of these things, your experience will be poor, and you may be at risk of hacking - or worse.

What sucks - and why:


If your mobile chat service asks you to install Flash, Java, or any weird plugins, avoid. The chances are your browser won’t even support these features anyway, unless you’re running an older browser version. It’s 2017, folks - updates are there for a reason. Use the latest version of everything so you don’t become vulnerable online.

From a user experience perspective, plugins don’t support responsive design features like HTML5 does, meaning you get cut off and poorly formatted web pages that are a real pain to navigate. You essentially get the same page on mobile and desktop with no optimization, so it will naturally be next to unusable. Take a look around, you will see that most mobile chat sites aren’t mobile optimized - why waste your time with them?

Lots of setting up

A ton of the older sites require software installs every time you use a new piece of equipment. Every minute you spend setting up the service is a minute you aren’t enjoying your mobile chat experience.

Time is precious. You should be able to land on the page and get busy chatting in under a minute. The worst thing is if you can’t use the service at all. We get it, there are literally thousands of devices out there, but if you can’t even access the service’s essential functions, that’s just lazy coding.

Poor user experience

At FCN, you can start using our mobile chat rooms for free without registration. Or, if you prefer, you can register and reserve your username, create a profile, receive offline messages, build your friends list, and much more. We believe you should be able to choose the experience you want to have. If your site doesn’t at least give you the option, they might not have your interests at heart.

We equally believe you should be able to shape your experience when using the service. We see features like chatting in multiple rooms to hundreds of people and mobile gesture control as standard. Want to block someone? Don’t want to receive private messages from strangers, people of certain genders, or unregistered users? You got it. Your chat, your rules.

You spoke, we listened.

A lot of this isn’t rocket science. Chances are you already knew most of this - however, the options for a great mobile chat experience are still limited. We at FCN have built what is frankly the industry standard in terms of mobile chat so you guys can have the experience you deserve. We will keep listening to what you have to say, and will continue to push out the great features you guys want, when you want them.