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A Newcomer's Guide to Online Chat Rooms

2020, June 25

A Newcomer's Guide to Online Chat Rooms

It's been a wild 2020, I can't believe we're half-way through it already. We thought we'd throw out here a new blog for the 11.5 million new friends we've made that have used our chat rooms to date in 2020. This is just a general blog that our regular users might also find useful about some common do's and don'ts for using online chat rooms, how to conduct yourself, etiquette and so on.

If you haven't used our website yet and have somehow managed to land here, let's get really basic. Our website are online chat rooms, it's a place where you virtually meet and engage with strangers. You can chat via text or use your webcam and microphone for video and audio chat.

Everybody is here to have a good time, some of us are quarantined at home, some on the train or bus on the way to work, some at the office. We all connect from different places and for different reasons, but we're all here for entertainment purposes. Keeping that in mind, let's make sure to be friendly and welcoming to everyone (even the people we find weird), don't be hostile or rude to others. Utilize the chat software ignore/block and reporting features. Also make sure to investigate and use the advanced privacy features that will automatically block users of a specific gender, age group, registration status from being able to private message you in the first place.

First impressions are important, it all starts with a user name. Use something that reflects your intentions for being on the chat rooms in the first place (just scan the user list, you'll know what this means.) Be creative and find ways to stand out without being obtuse, remember there's a lot of competition for attention in the chat rooms. Some of our more popular chat rooms have concurrent activity upwards of 2,000 users at any given time of the day.

Pics! Putting a face to the name is always going to give you an advantage. You can post images directly into the chat rooms or register for free and upload pics to your profile. When you register, we take very little basic information that ensures you reserve your handle/username, so nobody else can use it and you can reserve an online identity. Your information from registering is never sold or revealed to the public (other than your user name). Upload pics of you smiling, happy, these get a much better response. One of the major advantages to registering is that a lot of users have a privacy feature enabled so that they cannot receive private messages from guests (Guests are users who have G| in front of their username).

If you're choosing to text chat, don't chat like a robot, by witty and forthcoming. Be a little mysterious, exciting and flirty. Don't make spelling mistakes and always answer with more questions, be engaging and keep the conversation flowing. Depending on your gender and what you're looking for, your experience in the chat room can be very different compared to others. There's almost always a 80/20 % ratio from males to females, this means the females get the pick of the bunch while the males compete for attention. If you are male, understand that the female you're talking to is probably being bothered by another 100 males, find ways to stand out!