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  1. Zena_
    AHHHHH *. Pulls out her guns and shoots a tree * KILL ALL
  2. LegsAndAssMan
    LegsAndAssMan RachaelE
    You have a lovely smile. I've always preferred brunettes too, and naturally tan skin, for that matter.
  3. ClassyGent
    ClassyGent KelsMoon
    So anything new today did you do anything exciting or different
    Hugs I hope you had a good day
  4. ClassyGent
    ClassyGent lilome
    Hello watch for me I share my photography at times
    Nice meeting you
  5. Caropanther69
    Caropanther69 Melissaa
    Hey same panther, been trying to find different avatar, but they "won't download or some other shit. Can you lend assistances( doing this on phone, do I need to do on laptap) would it be easier?
  6. Silk-BG
    Whoever said too much sex is bad for you - obviously wasn't getting any .....
  7. letmesuckyoudaddy
  8. Caropanther69
    I'm unstoppable,uncontrollable, unforgiven, but everyone wants to be "like me"
  9. Caropanther69
    Seen enough of the other, time to switch to comfort zone.
  10. LegsAndAssMan
  11. Shy_girl74
    Day 3 is tomorrow. Hopefully it continues to go well . Whoop !!!
  12. obagbade
    obagbade RebeccaJames
    hello pretty i love your boo
  13. Tonedrumz
    Tonedrumz Natalyajayy
    Hey beautiful!>. tag! you're it! lol
  14. Grandpadave67
  15. NudesForTroops
  16. RebeccaJames
    Settling in for the night.
  17. witchygirl
    witchygirl Dcdevon
    Loving you is so easy ♡ forever my heart ♡♡♡♡
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    2. Dcdevon
      Yay so sweet and nice !
      Jan 24, 2018 at 12:13 AM
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  18. FantasyOfYou
    FantasyOfYou StoneCold
    Happy Birthday Stone!! (^_^) xoxo
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    2. StoneCold
      Thank you:)
      Jan 23, 2018 at 11:25 PM
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  19. Cman88
    Do u girls consider 7” long 5.5 thick big?
  20. AbaddonFrost1
    AbaddonFrost1 HannahhhC
    Starts singing *Shades on like a rock star, and I'm busting out my best moves so far, Feel the air from the speaker's so, so, so fresh from my hair to my sneakers* Hi gorgeous I couldn't help it not sure if you know the song but you looking good in those shades.