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Discussion in 'Education' started by Eb89, Oct 21, 2020.

  1. Eb89

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    So i work in the building trades. I have been for about 8 years now. Anytime we get temp hires or new hires im usually the one tasked with training them. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and tricks with new people and seeing their skills develop and grow. Lately I've come to the realization that im not as young as i use to be and can't do this type of work forever even though i enjoy it. I've been thinking that i want to move into an instructor or teaching position for my trade. I have the experience but all the job posts say "at least an associates". So my question is, when it comes to teaching degrees does the school of choice matter? Are all teaching degrees basically the same? Im good with just getting an associates from my local community college, do you really need to go to a university for this to be taken seriously? Thanks i appreciate the help.
  2. SexyAsianBitch

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    I am surprised schools only require a two year degree. Most places I seen you need a four year degree. Maybe it is just two year degree in the USA. Also if you teach overseas you are not required to have an actual teaching degree.
  3. Eb89

    Eb89 Well-Known Member FCN Regular

    Oh really, i didnt know you could be a teacher overseas without a degree. Thank you. And most of the jobs i saw posted were for tecnical schools and large companies. Most of them said a two year degree and usually somewhere around 5 years experience in the trade.
  4. SexyAsianBitch

    SexyAsianBitch Forum & Chat Moderator Staff Member FCN Regular

    If you are ok with teaching English overseas then that is a good place to start since there are so many companies
  5. Eb89

    Eb89 Well-Known Member FCN Regular

    Id never thought of that. I don't know how good i would be at it, sometimes i think i barely speak english myself. Every other word is usually a curse word haha.
  6. FireflyEyes

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    Most countries in Asia require a 4 year degree to get the visa required to teach overseas. For the most part any degree would usually qualify and from any type of accredited university.

    But in terms of teaching trades, you might try contacting local school boards. I know in Canada (at any rate), there are school that hire trades people without degrees who have "extensive experience in their trade". Particularly if you have any licenses related to your trade. Contacting local high schools/technical school and so on might be a way to get more information directly. This sort of thing doesn't tend to be advertised so it takes more foot on the ground hunting. Call up the principal and ask for a meeting. You would be surprised how helpful principals can be.:cool:

    Hope you find a good connection.:)
  7. Eb89

    Eb89 Well-Known Member FCN Regular

    Thanks i appreciate the advice and im going to contact some of my old instructors. I dont know why i didn't think of that earlier. Thank you.
  8. Simosami

    Simosami New Member

    Hi! I'm from South Africa. I'm an English teacher holding a 3 year Diploma in education. Really need help moving out of Africa. I'll be frank, I've no job, no money.. nothing. If anyone may find it in their heart to help please chat me up. I'm willing to pay back for your generosity as soon as I am able to.
  9. Jeanne

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    Probably late to the discussion but…Depends on what you’re looking for. Could be a high school instructor using your experience to help get a “teaching” certificate. Super easy now.
  10. Thedr619

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    Former teacher. Thank God i left

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