BattleGrounds (2 Player card game)

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    How to play
    (remove Face cards KQJ)
    Each player draws four cards. Players can not draw cards unless they have no remains cards to play. The game starts when one player sets a card face up. You can only set a monster or attack per turn. You can't attack cards that are summoned by your opponent before your turn. You can attack more than once per card you have set on the field. Higher # cards beat lower # cards. You can have a maximum of 3 cards on your side of the field. You can't remove the card once you set them until they have been beaten. Your opponent must have no cards on their side of the field to attack them directly.
    Each player gets one King one Queen one Jack. These cards can not attack but are used as "Boss" cards. If they are defeated they are sent to the grave. You must discard from your hand or tribute card you control for the required number of cards needed to summon a "Boss" card. You can only have one "Boss" on your side of the field. Both players are able to have one "Boss" at the same time.
    To summon a King=3 cards Queen=2 cards Jack= 1 card. King has 3 hitpoints Queen has 2 hitpoints Jack has 1 hitpoints
    If you or your opponent sets a card with the same exact Value as one of your cards, both cards are shuffled back into the deck. If you have two cards set and on your turn you can add them up to the exact value of one set card your opponent has and shuffle that card back to the deck.
    How to Win
    Each player has 3 Health Points. Deplete their health to win or if you or your opponent has no cards in your current hand to beat the cards on your opponents side, you lose.
    If you draw a joker card you can set it and all cards on the field are shuffled back into the deck but you and your opponent keep your hands. If you draw or have two jokers both players shuffle their hands back into the deck and each draw 4 cards.

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