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Discussion in 'Community' started by Ml148, Jan 22, 2024.

  1. Ml148

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    Hi all, recently been having thoughts about sucking a cock, been married 23 years and never been interested before, just recently I've been watching porn thinking mmmm I bet that would taste nice. Don't get me wrong I still love pussy but I think it's time to maybe try cock once to see. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. cian38irish

    cian38irish Guest

    I starting having the same thoughts the last few months. The second guessing about how real the urge was , was in my mind a lot before I joined here and shared my thoughts.

    since then I’ve had physical interactions with a guy a couple of times. Nothing further than a kiss so far. Luckily I starting chatting to him and he’s leaving how it goes up to me.

    as for the cum. That’s simple try your own first
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  3. JaquelineCastle

    JaquelineCastle Active Member FCN Regular

    Wow that’s so hot. How far are you willing to take it with him?
  4. header100

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  5. Genevievebiwife

    Genevievebiwife Well-Known Member FCN Regular

    Well my advice is to see if your wife would be interested in seeing you with a guy .
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  6. CuriousMichael

    CuriousMichael New Member FCN Regular

    I can’t stop craving my first cock and making it cum so fucking hard!
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  7. KCandHolly

    KCandHolly New Member

    My first time with a guy was a MFM with his wife. She and I shared his cock taking turns licking his shaft. It ended with me cleaning off his dripping cum.
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  8. Genevievebiwife

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    My husband and I do the same when we see our married friends , it’s so hot and erotic

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