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Discussion in 'Missed Connections' started by DazedinHaze, Feb 13, 2024.

  1. DazedinHaze

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    I wish I could take it back, the whole three days we talked. I never ever thought I’d experience anything like that. But here I am.

    I used a different screen name. But spent 3 days talking to someone I met here. Turned out we were actually only 4 hours apart.

    What was the catch? Well we are both in complicated marriages. But wow, he made me unable to catch myself from falling. I fell so hard and didn’t tell him. Eventually started talking about meeting in the near future. I was full of butterflies for this man. He’s gorgeous too.

    Anyway, after a night of some intense sexual chats, he sent me a message telling me goodbye and wishing me luck. I actually cried. And now I can’t stop thinking about him. He’s consumed me. I’ve gone back and re read some of our chat many times, just to relive that time in some way. But he definitely captured me. Haven’t felt that alive in a long time. I won’t say names. Simply that I miss him like crazy and hope our paths cross again one day.
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  2. DazedinHaze

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    I guess all I can do to relieve how I feel is use this. Write out what’s in my head because I’m going crazy over it.

    it’s been a couple days since he wished me luck. I miss him. Last night I woke up from a dream that had him in it. I was breathing heavy and wished so badly I had a way to message him. He doesn’t have an account on here, he chatted under a guest profile. And he deleted his other apps that we chatted on.

    I wonder if he wants to message me too. I wonder if he’s thinking about me the way I am about him. I’ve chatted with guys on here before. We’ve gotten into some hot and heavy convos, but even had some orgasms from the tension but this is not something I was expecting.

    that dream that woke me up made me reach for my phone. With the hopes dwindling more and more with each day that goes by, a small part of me is still always compelled to see if he’s messaged me. So out of the sexual frustration, I replayed the scenerio him and I had built up for eachother. I came so hard.
    This is brutal. I’ve never had something like this happen to me before. I don’t even want to return to my main account anymore. I had friends on there that I’d play with and now, they all seem like nothing compared to “Nate”. That’s what I’ll call him. I won’t use his name or screen name. I hope getting these thoughts out helps me. It hurts right now.
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  3. Vince5465

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    I am sorry this happened to you. You must feel very hurt right now. Do you have someone to talk about this irl?
  4. DazedinHaze

    DazedinHaze New Member

    not really…being married makes it difficult to talk about these things. I’m just putting on a happy face and pretending I’m okay. Hoping time makes it better, I know it sounds childish and I shouldn’t be hurting this much.
  5. DazedinHaze

    DazedinHaze New Member

    Today I woke up and at first I was good. Didn’t take me long before the whole situation flooded me again. I think about him constantly, continue to wish he might come back and maybe he will but I know why he said goodbye. He doesn’t want to create trouble in his life where it doesn’t need to be right now, I get it.
    Unfortunately being the overly understanding person I am doesn’t make that easier.
    I’ve made myself cum the past couple days with him as the last thought in my mind when I release myself. As soon as I quietly moan at his name through my orgasm, it peaks, spills over and I collapse so hard into it, like that image or thought people search for when they just want to cum after edging for hours.
    I lay there and fight with myself, push him out of my head for as long as I can and that moment right before I come undone, he’s in my head. His name on the tip of my tongue and my thoughts flood with the image him and I had created of what it would be like the first time we made our bodies connect.
    I don’t know what this guy did to me but I’m spun out, completely dumbfounded. Not sure when it’s going to get better.
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  6. AndrewJ1968

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    Better is such a relative term, and it would be so wonderful to know when it will get better. It's just one day at a time, one hour at a time until for some unknown reason it does start getting better. I wish you healing, I wish you hope, and I wish you happiness, which will come sometime in some future place. All the best.

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