Naughty Coffee Shop Downtown Toronto.

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Would you have left without my number?

  1. Not a chance! I would have to get your number.

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  2. I don't often talk to strange women in public.

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  1. To the hunk (brown wavy hair, green eyes, over 6ft, nice upper body, arm tattoos) who was starring at me while I was in line getting my coffee. I wish you would have come over and got my number before you left. Gone by the time I had paid.

    Mr you really missed out. I was extremely horny . Would have taken you back to my apartment and shown you what my little body can do for a real man. Riding, grinding, doggy, blowjob, deepthroat, I would have given your cock such a release inside me.
  2. Medicate

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    What coffee shop do you frequent? :)

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