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  1. Dradean

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    i have a question. I am a woman, successful, independent I’ve never needed anyone in my life and I’ve never found another woman attractive. But...I met this lady, she is amazing in every way and I fell in love with her without even realizing it. She’s bi but she never showed any real interest in me but I feel like I can’t breathe when she isn’t around. I have never felt this emotionally bereft over another person. I don’t know what to do. If I tell her and she reciprocates my family will hate me if I tell her and she doesn’t I’ll be heartbroken to say the least. Any advice?
  2. Louise43UK

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    Life is too short to not take opportunities.
    Life is also a risk.
    I regretted for years not acting in similar circumstances, lucky for me i did find another who opened my eyes
  3. TBig88M

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    I would follow the truth, not for anyone but yourself. You love this woman and you want her to know that, obviously because otherwise you will never know if she has feelings for you. I always say: If you love someone so much, that someone deserves to know. And I can read that in your case, you love her like no one else. No one is even capable to love her as much as you do.... That is something special and rare, so tell her. Your family have to accept it and if they don't, it is not your fault but theirs. It is your life!! I wish you all the best.
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    I agree. Make your move now, while you can. I deeply regret all the time I spent being safe and closeted, how many missed opportunities. I think, even if this time doesn't work out, you will feel better about yourself. And if your family truly loves you, this can't possibly be the thing that tips them over the edge into hating you, not if it makes you happy. Hopefully, your family will surprise you. I know mine did.

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