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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Penguin_Petey, Jan 8, 2022.

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    It´s been well publicised lately that Novak Djokavic has been refused entry into Australia.
    It seems as if the world is deeply divided in their opinion of the right or wrong about the decision.

    This is just my opinion so please feel free to disagree.

    In order to work safely during the last two years I have to have the following:
    In my car I have a certificate explaining to anyone (Border guards/Polizei/Nosey jobsworths) why my journey is necessary, as I work in the food industry up till now I have never been stopped.
    We are tested twice a week for any symptoms and PCR/Lateral flow tests are provided by the firm reducing the need to make appointments at test centres.

    Our working hours have been staggered so as to reduce contact with other shifts on change over and as yet we have only had one solitary case in two years.
    It´s not hard, it´s not rocket science.

    Now to Djokavic: He gets paid obscene ammounts of money for hitting a ball very hard.
    The Australian Tennis authorities exempted him from the need to provide the necessary information us mere mortals have to supply on a daily basis before even being allowed to get our hair cut.
    That is their prerogative as organisers of the tournament.
    They do NOT however have the authority to grant entry into the country.
    That authority lies firmly in the hands of Immigration which acts in the interest of National security.

    It´s a bit like my neighbour throwing a party in his backyard then telling his guests the quickest way is to take a shortcut through my property !!!
    If he didn´t ask my permission I have the right to refuse entry !!!

    According to some news sources Monsieur Macron has grown a set of cajones and imposed similar restrictions on players taking part in the upcoming French Open.

    I can´t wait to see how that pans out !! 271573416_3179669735647955_7412435408452790224_n.jpg

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