Does god exist? and if yes then why they cant be seen in present time?

Discussion in 'Religion' started by goku1234, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Male_uk

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    Again what has good and evil got to do with it. Our moral compass has changed. What was good in the bible when it was originally wrote is frowned upon now and vice versa.

    And you know the Bible is wrote by man? Not exactly the most trustworthy source to begin with.

    I spell it with a capital G because my mother tongue is English and I was taught that way. Also my keyboard does a lot for me. Nothing to do with respect for some almighty being depending on which almighty being we are talking about since there's bloody loads of them.
  2. lonelydick

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    God really exist, do you think we came into this world out of some fucking theory proposes by science? from history to foretold upcoming mysteries,i 2000% believes God exist.
  3. Lamar56

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    I agree with you ; but sadly many more do not these days !!

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