Rights and Freedoms France bans conversion therapy

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    France has banned conversion therapy there's a new law that authorizes jail time and fines for practitioners who use the scientifically discredited practice to attempt to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBTQ people. The new law will take place in 14 days.

    The law also opens the possibility for campaigners to file civil suits on behalf of victims, an advance hailed in parliament as a breakthrough for people who hesitate or are unable to alert police themselves.

    "Let's be proud of it," the French leader tweeted. "Because being oneself is not a crime."

    This is a huge, hopefully other countries follow. Conversion therapy is a horrific "therapy" to change the identity of LGBT people. It's harmful, dangerous and life-threatening. It needs to be outlawed everywhere and its great people are slowly getting away from it.
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    For this I feel proud of my country. I'm usually the entire opposite - not feeling french or close to the french state of mind, as I've been living abroad for more than a decade.
    For once I salute this considerable and necessary step. Why haven't we done this earlier ?
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