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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hedonist, Dec 5, 2016.

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    All the good politicians are dead.

    I wish we had more 'good' politicians.
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    My new favorite word: "Former." :D
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    Ron Paul ... Rand Paul.... Trey Gowdy....
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    Politicians are like sperm, in that one in a million turn out to be an actual human beings
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    There is a few politicians out there that is better than others. My look on it is they aren't suppose to be lifers. Be like our founding fathers do your duty then go back to work. Fields,Lawyers,business what ever it is not make a career out of being a politician.
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    Feel the Bern! <3
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    They are all just in it to watch the world burn.
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    Politics: “Poli” a Latin word meaning “many”; and "tics" meaning “bloodsucking creatures”.
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    Statesman, once viewed as servants of the people to return back to the fold of the masters (the People) so they don't lose their way (read corrupted). Oh well . . . Uncle Bennie Franklin's particular view . . . if i recall from extensive reading of that era.
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    Depends what you consider to be a good politician someone you hate might be soemone another person thinks is great
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    Truly man this world is full of selfish political bullshit, it's either all liberal or all conservative, I voted for Rudeman but truly having as many conservatives as we do have in governmental offices is dangerous. I don't really want a liberal of conservative America I just want America, we need to be the badass fuck shit up type of people we used to be and sitting on the left or the right won't get you there. Rudeman has made some great military calls but he's also really just pissed people off with some of his other border calls and Muslim policy, I truly don't think Hillary would have done better though. You are correct the good politicians are dead because the only good politician is a dead one, we need new leadership in 2020, smart leadership.
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    Wait hold up why does it change my words to rudeman when I say Rudeman
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  16. The problem we have in the UK is that you vote for the main party leader/party in the same vote , un like in America where this is separate. So for example if like Cameron ( I didn't but there are worse ppl out there) but his party wanted to give brexit a try. So even though he didn't want to do brexit he was in power so he had to invoke what the majority of his party. So there isn't much point having a big prime minister might as well have like 4/5 deputies which support all of the parties beliefs.

    Also Politicians I find especially in the uk TALK SHIT about nice things they will do save money, then go back on everything they said in there manifesto...I'm sick of the two parties in the UK to be honest!

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    In the US we're pretty much stuck with a two party system. Belief of voting for a third party is considered throwing a vote away, at least when the mainstream media reminds the unthinking part of the masses who eat that up. Or it draws votes from a leader from one of the main two parties, and again the mainstream media berate the 3rd party candidate for costing a main party's win.

    The real loss is that no real signficant change will occur in the US any time soon.

    Two potential third parties had probably their best shot in the US in 2000. A third party not necessarily need to win the elections, but if it obtaisn at least 5% of state votes, for the presidential running, they would be granted federal funding to compete more evenly in future elections.

    This is not a rant, but an explanation why the US may never have significant change.

    The two dominate parties here (Democrat/Republican) have changed many states' election rules, setting the bar higher for a 3rd party candidate to even have their name appear on the voting form (the ballot) and each state is different. Meaning more resources for a third party to spend to get their candidates name to even appear in each of those state ballots.

    One example of a hurdle, where one state just needed to collect 2,000 signatures from citizens residing from within that state leaped up to around 60,000. Imagine facing potentially 50 different states, and possible rule changes, in any of those as you run as an outsider for El Comandante. (The system keeps changing this. Should read ''an outsider f.o.r. p.r.e.s.i.d.e.n.t.'' not El Comandante.)

    This information is not going to be found prominently/purposefully presented by the media establishment. Nor should it be by those who covet power.
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  18. a very interesting read thank you, it seems as usual its all about power. I suppose this will never change in politics haha
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    Politicians are PAID to suck. Until money is out of the system, we're stuck with shit. Shillary's nomination is the only reason we have Lil' Donnie as El Comandante. Its the old Southpark Giant Douche vs Turd Sandwich election.
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