Healthcare is a right. America has it wrong.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by oneonone1, May 9, 2022.

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    Literally EVERY other first world country has some form of Universal Healthcare. America has tried the private experiment for far too long and we are the only first world nation with the worse infant mortality rate, HIGHEST medical debt, and one of the lowest among first world countries.

    This is an atrocity
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    I live in Canada, and although we have issues with our healthcare system, it is light-years more compassionate than the American system. I find it inconceivable to me that a family might go bankrupt because a family member was diagnosed with cancer or another devastating disease. No matter how expensive health care may be for a Canadian citizen there is never a charge for trying to save a life. We have a terrible waiting list issue for those who require non-life-threatening surgeries, but most countries in the world grapple with this issue. We in Canada were shocked to see the level of mistrust you have for your medical professionals during the pandemic. When surveyed Canadians on the one government program we are most proud of, 80% of us say it is our universal healthcare system. The Affordable HC Act is a good start, but more has to happen so that no family is devastated by a health crisis.
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    The Healing of America by T.R. Reid will do a lot to inform people about all of the healthcare options being used around the world. Spoiler - The US doesn't come off too well.

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