I am totally new to being a Bi-Sexual and Lesbian Help?

Discussion in 'Health, Advice and Lifestyle' started by Elisheba, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. Elisheba

    Elisheba New Member

    I am totally new to acting out sexually to being a bi-sexual and lesbian female. I am oh so turned on by females sexually but I too am a female. For years I have been sexual with men but secretly desiring other females. Now I truly need to know what it really feels like sexually to be with another female ok. I am 58 but look 40.
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  2. Super-t-girl

    Super-t-girl New Member

    Hun firstly age is of no consequence, if you have unfulfilled desires then be brave to explore them as you may open up a whole new window to your life. I would moderate your concerns and put yourself out there as i am sure you will attract the right partner. Once you have experienced same sex you will know deep down if its right
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  3. Clareeea

    Clareeea New Member

    That is normal to think and feel like that....
  4. Genevievebiwife

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    Welcome , it such a beautiful and passionate experience being with another women. I really hope you find someone to share your desires with

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