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Discussion in 'Health, Advice and Lifestyle' started by sophiebaby00, Jun 8, 2021.

  1. sophiebaby00

    sophiebaby00 Well-Known Member FCN Regular

    I keep fantasizing about the guy that emotionally manipulated me and took my virginity. What should I do? I'm in pain...
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  2. Stanthropical

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    Find a different guy. You'll forget about the first guy soon enough. We, humans, are fickle creatures. Time ends everything.
  3. SoMeFred

    SoMeFred Well-Known Member FCN Regular

    Probably about 2 dozen appropriate clichés for this situation, and if they weren’t true they wouldn’t be clichés.

    I’ll offer: Live & learn darling. 7 odd billion people in this world and they come in all different types…
  4. Busty_Nerd

    Busty_Nerd The Thicc Admin Staff Member FCN Regular

    I think you should occupy your time with other things. Relationships probably are not a great idea right now. I think you should pick up a new hobby, do things you love, pick up a hobby you haven't done in a while, see friends, talk to somebody, do art, and keep your mind off of him. I would suggest blocking this person, not talking to them and moving on. I obviously don't know your situation, but i've been in a similar situation. Within time, you should move onto another person, but right now moving onto another person doesn't seem like a great idea. I would also suggest that therapy can be a great tool if you're completely lost and have nobody to listen to you.
  5. Andylovesreading

    Andylovesreading Member FCN Regular

    Everyone has their own path in life to please take what I say with a grain or two of salt.

    When faced with a issue...I ask :
    Is what I am doing helpful or hurtful....
    Are these actions , thoughts or words going to get me what I want...
    What do I want or need ( note that there is a difference ) to have happen next...

    I would suggest that you focus on more positive things and people.

    What has happened , while hurtful , has can't change it.
    Dwelling on the past may cause you to loose sight of present and the opportunities that surround you.

    We are the sum of our experiences , as someone much wiser than me said....
    To live a life free of hurts , is to live a life without the full sensation of joy.
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  6. Bigboy30

    Bigboy30 Guest

    You need a guy whose been emotionally manipulated by female
    No one understands pain more than the one's sipping it
    A perfect fit I'd say :D
  7. Gigio8o

    Gigio8o Well-Known Member FCN Regular

    that's terrible advice..
  8. YadaYada

    YadaYada Guest

    Confront the guy so you may have some closure. Eventually you will have to move on.
  9. Jayjay771

    Jayjay771 Member FCN Regular

    Find someone new
  10. Lady_Katniss

    Lady_Katniss New Member

    The others spoke it best. Find a better person to put your minds focus on.
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  11. NewMessiah

    NewMessiah Guest

    How did he manipulate you?
  12. Namealreadyinuse

    Namealreadyinuse Member FCN Regular

    Feel free to talk to me.
  13. thefunone83

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