Images thumbnailed on post by default.

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Should pictures be a thumbnail, visible before being clicked.

  1. Small thumbnail displays in the chat rooms are fine.

  2. Pics should only be visible when I click them.

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Jamsey

    Jamsey The Boss Staff Member FCN Regular

    When you join the chat rooms, posted images are viewable small thumbnails by default. The decision was to make them visible before being clicked because that is industry standard, what our competitors do, it's like seeing a preview and if you like what you see, you can click it to open it larger. Our old chat software wasn't capable of this so most of you are used to all pics being hidden be default, you had to click to view.

    In preferences you can switch them back to hidden unless clicked or make the thumbnails larger. A new feature is that if you see a pic you don't like, you can simply X it and remove the image from view for the first time.

    This poll is about whether you want images to be visible without having to click them by default.

    Results are changeable and private, nobody will see your choice.
  2. Jamsey

    Jamsey The Boss Staff Member FCN Regular

    Thread is open for people to give some feedback along with their vote, I am leaning towards keeping them open because as stated above it's industry standard but willing to hear reasons why they should be collapsed by default.
  3. Esoterix

    Esoterix Zookeeper Staff Member

    Although thumbnails are reasonably small, one reason users may prefer images to open only when clicked, is if they're using chat in less than private surroundings.
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  4. SaulGoodman

    SaulGoodman New Member FCN Regular

    LOVE your thumbnail profile pic Jamsey!
    It's just so so apt for the majority of FCN rooms (NOT ALL but most lol), no wonder you're the BAUS!:)
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  5. Qusigh

    Qusigh Guest

    An overwhelming win for no pix till we click on em!!
  6. SaulGoodman

    SaulGoodman New Member FCN Regular

    People (including myself most times) just don't seem to use this part or area of FCN that's why there's so few votes. I am using it more now but it needs more traffic.
    I will tell people in chat they can come and vote if they want to.

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