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    **IMPORTANT: This volunteer moderator application is for chat only at this time. Being a volunteer moderator is not about modding drama, it's for removing spam, scams, gross rule violations and illegal activity. If you're looking to mod drama ("harassment/bullying" and such), modding is not for you**

    Aspiring volunteer moderators should be registered members for at least six months. Trial period for new moderators is 60 days.

    The secretive process of becoming a volunteer moderator:

    1: You fill out the moderator application and it's immediately posted for administrators to review.
    2: Administrators review the application and if the candidate is viable, the aspiring moderator is nominated so current moderators can weigh in.
    3: Moderators have a discussion (all moderators are invited and are encouraged to participate) and if a decision to move forward has been made, the username is forwarded to the Overlords of the website.
    4: Overlords then review the application, administrator discussion and moderator discussion.
    5: If a decision is made to invite you to become a member of the moderator team, a chat administrator will contact you directly in chat and offer you to join the ranks.
    6: If you haven't lost hope by that time and you're still interested in ruling over the chatscape, you'll be provided with a list of initiation steps you must agree to and complete within a few days.
    7: If you agree and once you've completed the initiation requirements, you'll gain a star badge, new friends, new enemies and a chat whip. Congratulations.

    Concerned about not being able to handle some 3000+ users across 30+ chat rooms during peak times? No need to be! FCN runs high-tech behind the scenes, such as public content flagging across all chat rooms, automated report handling, simple enforcement system with simplified and default response guidelines--you could mod the entire chat by yourself 24/7 if you're bored enough! Ask other moderators how easy it is to mod while just chatting.

    What volunteer moderators do:

    Remove illegal activity
    Remove spam
    Remove solicitation
    Remove scams
    Remove minors
    Remove and report illegal content
    ...partially using an automated, public content flagging system.

    What volunteer moderators don't do:

    Don't Moderate drama (Community abuse falls into a different category)
    Don't Settle personal disputes (see above)
    Don't Threaten users with bans, kicks or mutes
    Don't Have schedules or obligatory commitments

    Volunteer moderators do not get paid. All moderators are volunteers.

    Please acquaint yourself with the TOU before applying:

    Moderator applicaton:
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