Is Religion Good Or Bad?

Discussion in 'Religion' started by YadaYada, Apr 18, 2022.

  1. YadaYada

    YadaYada Guest

    Did not see this topic in any of the thread titles. So, is it good or bad? Without a doubt in my mind, religion is a good thing.
  2. Steve1972

    Steve1972 Guest

    If you need something to believe in its undoubtedly a good thing it brings community and a sense of belonging.
    On the other hand how much death and destruction has been carried out in the name of religion.
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  3. I would say religion is basically a good thing (I'm religious so maybe I'm being biased) but a lot of religions have fanatical people which is a bad thing.
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  4. NewMessiah

    NewMessiah Guest

    Religion is neither good nor bad. Only people can be good and bad.
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  5. msub_Ind

    msub_Ind Well-Known Member FCN Regular

    Is for good... but...
  6. JeffFriend

    JeffFriend New Member FCN Regular

    And since religion is a human construct, it varies on the ways people use it
  7. WestGuy22

    WestGuy22 Guest

    Bad bad bad.

    Religion is holding back our species.

    Napoleon Bonaparte said it best

    "Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.”
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  8. prim90

    prim90 New Member

    Religion can be both good and bad. One thing is certain It certainly has played a pivotal role in the make up of all our civilisations
  9. Nillsonss

    Nillsonss Guest

    Religion is man's interpretation of God, in my opinion. And man screws up everything. Either believe, or don't. The minute you start following someone's else's belief or their "way to believe" you become "religious"; in my opinion.
  10. Mikessworld

    Mikessworld Member FCN Regular

    Religion is a stop sign. The most important thing a human being can do in his life is to figure out why he exists her on earth. He contemplates this in his mind and wonders why. It's a kin to the meditative state. However, when religion of any title floods this person's mind he ceases to ponder this because when he asks himself that question he says "I'll just look in this book for the answer. Then he joins the mob of blind followers.
  11. TrixyTrishy

    TrixyTrishy Guest

    I just wrote a lengthy reply here over the course of a few hours but sadly my browser decided to have a bit of a fit and crash so its all gone, urgh! unfortunately the draft feature was not helpful either. Posting this to remind myself later to get back to this topic and try again!
  12. NovemberMaid

    NovemberMaid New Member

    Religion, like Science, Politics or any other human construct can be "good" or "bad", depending on the context, and the meaning of good and bad in that context.

    Is Religion good when it calls on followers to exterminate followers of other religions? Is Religion good if it provides comfort in times of despair? Is Religion good, if it provides a framework for humans to develop their spiritual or philosophical outlook?

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