living in a matrix

Discussion in 'Science' started by Casval-Blue, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Casval-Blue

    Casval-Blue New Member

    Your thoughts on living in a matrix ruled by complex yet efficient algorithms ?
  2. Billy_B

    Billy_B Well-Known Member

    Simulated reality could be possible and I suppose the algorithms work out mathematically but do the equations suit the subject
  3. fortysomething

    fortysomething Active Member

    As long as the algorithms operate on a stochiometric model and not a deterministic model. I couldn't live in a matrix that runs on rails or decision trees. I want a little messy randomness to be built into the model.
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  4. Billy_B

    Billy_B Well-Known Member

    My brain hurts
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  5. CosmicGypsy92

    CosmicGypsy92 Well-Known Member

    The first thought that came across my mind was Solipsism. What is the past? A memory. The constraints of the algorithm are based on ideas passed on over time. The algorithms are complex, yet efficient. All you know are the sensations that enter your mind. The sensations you receive are all consistent with an external universe that follows certain physical laws, but that is no proof that the universe is independent of your mind.
    Hmm.. also I think 'Order-Chaos', 'Yin-Yang' go hand in hand. Now, speaking of order and chaos we gotta consider quantum physics and the relevant principles as well... Lol.. too much to think about. I need some Tea for this..
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  6. Vey

    Vey Well-Known Member

    Anything outside your own mind is unsure, so take care :p Chaotic systems can be considered to have a highly complex order. It's all about unpredictability . But I agree with Billy, my brain hurts atm, it's week end, let's have a tea :D
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  7. Male_uk

    Male_uk Well-Known Member

    I can't fucking wait to learn Kung Fu!
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  8. jct8200

    jct8200 Member

    Ill pass, thank you
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  9. Billy_B

    Billy_B Well-Known Member

    im in trouble if the apps are spying
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  10. Stanthropical

    Stanthropical a glitch

    Apps are indeed spying.
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