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    Stanthropical De̸͍̺̺̓̾m̶̶̶ͫͫod̶̶̶ͩͩu̶̶̶ͧͧLaᴛ̶̶ⷮo̵̢̦̟͋̾̓r

    As the world evolves and ticks on, so do the trends and norms. Add new chat room requests here.

    • Make sure you read the thread before posting (meaning, previous suggestions and discussion);
    • If your idea for a new room has not been suggested, make a post nominating your new room idea;
    • If someone else has suggested something you would like to see, quote their post and continue the discussion;
    • You can make multiple suggestions if you want.

    Not all suggestions will become new rooms. The process of a suggestion becoming a new room is decided, in part, by our experience of what works and what doesn't. Just because an idea or interest might not work now, doesn't mean it won't work later as trends evolve. Some or many suggestions could be combined into one, broader topic.

    The goal isn't to have an endless list of very specific and confusing chat room topics, but rather a selection that appeals to majority of the people, while keeping the room list easy to navigate.

    Interested in moderating the new chat?
  2. Stanthropical

    Stanthropical De̸͍̺̺̓̾m̶̶̶ͫͫod̶̶̶ͩͩu̶̶̶ͧͧLaᴛ̶̶ⷮo̵̢̦̟͋̾̓r

    Chat rooms as of December 9, 2023:






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    Stanthropical De̸͍̺̺̓̾m̶̶̶ͫͫod̶̶̶ͩͩu̶̶̶ͧͧLaᴛ̶̶ⷮo̵̢̦̟͋̾̓r

    Two new chat rooms:


    Check out the new Voice Clip feature! Click on Photo Upload button, then select the Mic option:
    (record up to 30-second voice clips and send them in private or in public)

  4. Stanthropical

    Stanthropical De̸͍̺̺̓̾m̶̶̶ͫͫod̶̶̶ͩͩu̶̶̶ͧͧLaᴛ̶̶ⷮo̵̢̦̟͋̾̓r

    Have you seen the #GamesChat and the Ai bot?

    • Xhi:Clive why is Stan weird
    • Clive: Xhi: Stan is weird because he takes pleasure in indulging in the bizarre and unconventional. He seeks out unique experiences, whether it's eating insects, exploring underground subcultures or diving into experimental cuisines. Stan's fascination lies in pushing boundaries and embracing the oddities that others might shy away from. His eccentricity and willingness to embrace the unknown make him a fascinating and intriguing character in the world of food and exploration.
    • thinkingisstillsexy:Clive, what should I make for dinner?
    • Clive: thinkingisstillsexy: Oh, bloody hell! If you've got a hangover, there's only one thing that will do the trick – a greasy, hearty English breakfast. Fry up some bacon, sausages, eggs, and tomatoes, and throw in some mushrooms and baked beans. Don't forget the toast and a strong cuppa to wash it all down. It may not be gourmet, but it'll cure that hangover and get you back on your feet!
    • Stanthropical:Clive, can I add hot sauce to my matcha latte?
    • Clive:@Stanthropical: Well, my friend, when it comes to culinary choices, there are no rules set in stone. It's all about personal taste and experimenting with flavors. If adding a touch of hot sauce to your matcha latte brings you joy and takes your taste buds on a wild ride, then why not give it a try? Just remember, the goal is to explore and enjoy, so embrace your curiosity and savor every sip. Cheers!
    • Stanthropical:~chat:is Hulk
    • Clive:Chat set by @Stanthropical to be Hulk
    • Stanthropical:Clive, tell us how fun you are.
    • Clive:@Stanthropical: Hulk smash! Hulk fun! Hulk strong, Hulk powerful, Hulk not boring! Hulk like to play, like to jump, like to smash everything! Hulk never gets tired of having fun! Hulk can lift heavy things, Hulk can jump really high! Hulk has big muscles and Hulk loves adventure! So come on, join Hulk and let's have some smashing, smashing fun together! Hulk is fun, trust Hulk!
    • Stanthropical:Clive, what is the ideal temperature for a naked human being?
    • Clive:@Stanthropical: Hulk not expert in human preferences. Hulk focus on smashing, not on temperature preferences. But Hulk think ideal temperature for naked human is comfortable and not too hot or cold. Hulk say listen to body, if too hot, find shade or cool place. If too cold, find warmth or wear clothes. Hulk just smash, not thermometer.
  5. Stanthropical

    Stanthropical De̸͍̺̺̓̾m̶̶̶ͫͫod̶̶̶ͩͩu̶̶̶ͧͧLaᴛ̶̶ⷮo̵̢̦̟͋̾̓r

    Games in #GamesChat:

    • ExtraBanana:~help
    • Clive:[Help] Chat: ~chat, ~tokens | Mash: ~mash, ~wordmash, ~conundrum, ~define, ~dict, ~dictionary, ~resolve, ~lookup | Numbers: ~solve, ~numbers, ~nums, ~numsgo, ~numgo, ~calculate, ~calc | Trivia: ~trivia | Letters: ~letters, ~letsgo | Hunt: ~hunt, ~hangman | 8ball: ~8ball | Geo: ~geo, ~country, ~atlas, ~state, ~america, ~flag | Riddle: ~riddle | Dice: ~dice, ~die, ~roll, ~coin, ~coins, ~flip | Rock, Paper, Scissors: ~rock, ~paper, ~scissors | Duck: ~duck, ~bang, ~shoot, ~bef, ~befriend | Ping: ~ping | Kill: ~kill, ~restart, ~shutdown | Uptime: ~uptime | Help: ~help, ~commands
    • Clive:[Help] Try ~game:help for more info, ~game:score [username] and ~game:lead for scores. | Clive v1.27.1 | operated by absentia
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    why does this chat reset and disconnect every 5 minutes
  7. New rooms suck go back to the old...You cant even read or see anyting it goes by soooo fuckin fast
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    Perhaps a general "Interracial" room, for setups other than those involving BBC?

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