No dialog box for Login post Logout

Discussion in 'Bugs and Errors' started by Alexaa1, Sep 13, 2023.

  1. Alexaa1

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    In old chat we were able to logout then a dialog box appeared for login. This is missing in new chat.
    Note : The login option is still there in old chat post logout but maybe it got broken recently.

    Below is the console output error from old chat when tried to login as guest. I am a web developer so I just inspected using dev tools.
    WebSocket connection failed

    All I would suggest is if this option isn't available in new chat then at least fix it in the old chat.
  2. Stanthropical

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    Old chat is running on fumes. There's no longer active support for old software.

    One way to log out is to clear cookies/cache for websites of your choice.

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