Open to sex chat of ANY kind

Discussion in 'Confessions and Fantasy' started by Adrian_Canada, Oct 15, 2022.

  1. Adrian_Canada

    Adrian_Canada New Member

    Very open minded and kinky
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  2. m_p12690

    m_p12690 Well-Known Member FCN Regular

    That is very broad, how about we are crossdressing international socialist spies who fuck in every position imaginable in all the hottest fancy hotels around the world after every super tense and dangerous near death experience? And when we win and end all wars, we have a fucking large orgy? Oh, and we find a cure for AIDS too.
  3. Oldrgay4oldrchat

    Oldrgay4oldrchat New Member FCN Regular

    Hi, older gay guy here, always up for chat, very experienced and very few limits.

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