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Discussion in 'Religion' started by mikeystarr6969, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. mikeystarr6969

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    Hows it going everyone, I have studied about religions and different belief systems for a while, and I am interested in hearing your stories and want to know if anyone wants to discuss or create videos regarding these topics. I believe that in order to understand religion and atheism we must understand psychology and realize that everyone is different in response to these ideas.
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  2. Stanthropical

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    Atheism is the default human setting. Why does it need to be understood?
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    you do not need to understand psychology to understand religion. Religion is the belief in and worship of superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. There has always been and always will be different religions and different deities.
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    some people feel they need religion to prevent them from doing horrible things out of divine authority ... others like atheists have a sensitive personality everyone is different
  5. Stanthropical

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    What does a "sensitive personality" have to do with anything?

    If you need for a religion to tell you how to behave, you black education. Education starts in early childhood.
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  6. Jacey85

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    My husband is an avid atheist. Comes from an american catholic background. I was raised Roman catholic in Germany. Then became southern Baptist in America. Then went to Luthern church when I lived with grandparents. Studied mythology, psychology, sociology, and philosophy in college. I'm sort of a universalist now. Lots of atheist tendencies. I've found that the simple and the desperate need condolence and comfort, and the educated become arrogant and cynical. Religion and philosophy are skewed on that same curve I think.
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    Anyone Christian if I may ask?
  8. Karen59

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    Atheism is just another religion, albeit more boring than most. It is probably appropriate for a cancellation society.

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