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Discussion in 'All Other Chat Rooms' started by Bendamon, Mar 5, 2023.

  1. Bendamon

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    I know I am not widely known here, that's because this ain't the account I regularly use.

    I just want to share a topic exclusively for the male users that get rejected by females for asking for their nude pics and then take it out on the other females.
    You are proving nothing by doing this, except that you intend on giving us guys a bad reputation on here by carrying out such actions.
    I know it's a common thing here, but they shouldn't ruin the fun for others. That's what grade school bullies do, and I am sure that these guys that are taking the fact that they were caught catfishing for nudes are much more mature than this.
    So if you try to troll a female over the fact another female rejected you, expect to be humiliated infront of your captive audience.
    That being said I end my topic now.
    To the mature ones that read this, I apologize for my rant and please enjoy the rest of your day/evening
  2. Pyr

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    "alas, chivalry is dead."
  3. TorontoFitGuy

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    Indeed, it's evident that many men in these chat rooms lack real-life experience interacting smoothly with women. These platforms have become a dumping ground for cringe-worthy comments and unwarranted projections of their innermost desires. However, women should also be discerning. In an environment rife with fake profiles, two SNAP chat pictures don't set them apart from the crowd. They can weed out undesirable contacts by requesting a brief cam introduction/verification to confirm age and gender. By setting clear boundaries and expectations, we can maintain a healthier chat environment and ensure everyone's satisfaction.

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