The Murder of the L.A. Socialite's Husband

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    I've been working on my writing. The following is just the opening of a story my mind to laptop. I'm open to a cooperative writing on this story. A mystery who done it..who would benefit?

    The scene opens to a rainy spring evening in Los Angeles. It is April 17, 1962. A light is on inside an office on a building downtown, inside Mason Gauer has a lit cigarette dangling between his lips as he types away on a Hermes 3000 typewriter while the radio in his office has the Dodgers game on as they are up in San Francisco. L.A. landscape was quite different during this time, the tallest building was city hall which also doubled as the headquarters for the LAPD.

    On this evening Mason was working up the information to give to a client who had suspected her husband was having an affair which he had confirmed with photos and written accounts. He set the cigarette off to he side as he reached for his glass of brandi taking a sip and placing it back on the wooden desk as he continued to type.

    Marcia Hollinsworth didn't care about her husbands wealth she was 3rd generation wealthy, her grandfather had struck it rich with the oil found in nearby Ladera Heights and Inglewood. He finished up the paper along with the photos and pressed them into a basic manilla envelope. The phone rings and he answers on the second ring.

    "Gauer Brothers Investigation, this is Mason."

    He listened to the party on the other end adjusting his suspender strap on his right shoulder.

    "Hold on, let me take this down now..where did you say this was? Uh huh..ah huh. I can be there in 30."

    He hung up the phone and leaned back in his wooden chair stretching his arms outward and back and then standing up. After taking the elevator down the 5 flights he got into his car and headed out to the Getty family estate where Mrs Hollinsworth was. A knock at the door as he folded and closed his umbrella soon let in by the help, an older African-American man named Hank he had worked for the Gettys for years and was always dressed to the nines in sharp suits.

    "Mrs Hollinsworth?" he said to her as he waved Mason inside the room closing the doors as Hank exited.

    Mason waited as Marcia tapped the end of her cigarette on the metal box that held them, Mason stepped over and offered her a light.

    Well, how bad is it Mace?" She looked resigned to the fact her husband was a cheater as Mason presented the photos ..there was no doubt now the blonde under her husband's arm and then there was the deep kissing and the sex inside the Buick.

    "That son of a bitch!"

    She sighed and then looked at Mason.

    "How long?"

    "Least as much as I can tell finding the hotel records and such..6 months."

    "I see well..thank you Mace...we agreed on what was it $500? I'll write you a check."

    "I'm sorry Mrs Hollinsworth."

    She looked at him and waved her hand.

    "I should have known he would be trouble when he was flirting with my cousin on our wedding day. So, this woman..the blonde..she have a name?"

    Mason knotted his head yes.

    "Judith Marlow..her father..."

    "Yes, running for California senate " she interrupted "This is going to be messy Mace..your brother still practice law?"

    "he does"

    "Well, I guess he can do the filing."

    She sat down and wrote a check and handed it to him and shook his hand and then he was on his way. He headed home to his bungalow in South L.A. had another drink and fell asleep before he could even muster to take his shoes off. Then came the phone call at 3am.

    Mace! They arrested me. Jim, he was found dead in his car! Please I need your help it wasn't me!"

    Marcia was hysterical, there was motive for sure the cheating husband murdered at close range in Pasadena But who would do that and who would benefit?
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    A very enjoyable read! You are quite talented
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    Thank you. I'm intrigued by true crime and mystery.
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    As am I. Your writing is quite detailed and takes me into the scene perfectly.

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