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Discussion in 'I hate this' started by JohnTgreen, Dec 29, 2023.

  1. JohnTgreen

    JohnTgreen New Member FCN Regular

    Does anyone try to respond to problems or even read the complaints ?
    It doesn’t appear that anyone pays attention to the posts I have made .

    Moderators ????.....Hello ??............anybody out there ????
  2. Stanthropical

    Stanthropical De̸͍̺̺̓̾m̶̶̶ͫͫod̶̶̶ͩͩu̶̶̶ͧͧLaᴛ̶̶ⷮo̵̢̦̟͋̾̓r

    Someone may respond if there anre enough details and helpful description of the issue. Otherwise, it's really discouraging when people post "This is not working, fix it," or in some other vague terms.

    Did you read the thread by the other user in its entirety? If your situation is the same, solution or lack of is the same.
  3. samanthamia20

    samanthamia20 Member FCN Regular

    Everything works fixes needed...bit vague I know....profile page update is all that matters to me...I want my YouTube music on there

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