Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Discussion in 'Hookups and Hangouts' started by Saximony, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Saximony

    Saximony Well-Known Member

    For me it is Batman. I grew up watching the 60s and 70s show.
    Batman was cool because he didn't have any superpowers yet he still got shit done. Plus the music was cool.
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  2. InvincibleLight

    InvincibleLight Well-Known Member

    For me, it's my Kama ❤
    She may not be in any movie or anything like that, but she's my hero. She makes me happy and makes me feel things that I never feel otherwise ❤
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  3. Lamar56

    Lamar56 Well-Known Member

    Under Dog . Why because you would not pick him as a super hero !!!
  4. Notroh

    Notroh Active Member

    I always liked the flash because he was fast. But I think my favorite is wolverine because he is a hard ass and don’t take any lip from no one, “bub”. Deadpool too, but he is more of an antihero.
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  5. Ehcanuck

    Ehcanuck Well-Known Member

    Robin...all day. If it weren't for that glory hog Bruce Wayne and Batman we would have ran the show. He held us back so much we had to change our name to Nightwing.

    Sidekicks never get their praise..well not this time!
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  6. JustLogan

    JustLogan Banned for doxxing

    Wonder Woman...

    She's tough. Resilient. Sexy. AND she has a whip FFS!!!

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  7. JustLogan

    JustLogan Banned for doxxing



    Dude... You ok?
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  8. nessabbyxo

    nessabbyxo Well-Known Member

    I would say Storm from X-Men because 1. Storm is my middle name and 2. I'm sassy and when I'm pissed I can definitely cause a storm. So I feel it fits me for sure plus she's badass! :D

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  9. MustangGuy

    MustangGuy Well-Known Member

    As a kid I loved Mighy Mouse. Not the typical super hero, and surprised wasn't more popular.
    Mighty Mouse.jpg

    As I got older and started reading comics, my favorite for some time is Wolverine. The movies were good, but didn't capture how truly badass he is in the comics.
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  10. Saximony

    Saximony Well-Known Member

    Lmao! Love it.
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  11. MustangGuy

    MustangGuy Well-Known Member

    But which Robin? Dick Grayson broke off to become Nightwing and lead the Teen Titans. Tim Drake was killed off, but brought back to life and became Red Hood (very badass character). Jason Todd ended up as Red Robin, fighting crime on his own. Stephanie Brown eventually became Batgirl. Which leaves Damian Wayne as the the only Robin to stay as a sidekick but also Bruce Wayne's son.
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  12. Saximony

    Saximony Well-Known Member

    You know way too much about Batman!
  13. JustLogan

    JustLogan Banned for doxxing

    JFC!!! That brings back memories of underpants and towels!!!
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  14. Tiger_22

    Tiger_22 Well-Known Member

    Colossus... gonna nerd out for a minute...

    He is quiet, honest, and virtuous. Reluctantly agrees to use his powers, feeling it his responsibility to use his abilities for the betterment of human and mutant kind. Plus he is 6 foot 7 inches tall, transforms into a powerful chunk of metal, and is known as the strongest of the X-Men team. Just a giant can of whoop ass :)

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  15. Saximony

    Saximony Well-Known Member

    I have I have no idea who this superhero is but very well stated young man.
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  16. Lakeside

    Lakeside Well-Known Member

    I have more than one favourite.
    Agent Natasha Romanov, no 'super-powers', just training and devotion. I enjoy how she uses her sexuality in passive interrogation situations and preys on the weakness of the male ego.

    Then, Superman. He's the opposite to most super heroes. Almost everyone else changes into their super-hero persona whereas Superman changes out of his.

    Then, the sympathy vote goes out to 'The Hulk'; the reluctant super-hero.

    There's my selections.

    Ls x
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  17. Bennettrose

    Bennettrose Well-Known Member

    Wonder Woman...all style. The gold cuffs, that had super powers in addition to being flawless, and she flew around in a chic clear plane. Loved her style.
  18. Misha000

    Misha000 Well-Known Member

    My favourite superhero has always been Superman. He's handsome, righteous, has every power you could want, has amazing powers of disguise (as does Wonder Woman)... He's just a super guy..
    But in terms of Marvel, has to be Steve Rogers. Omg that guy is amazing. Strong, fast, sexy af... yes please!
  19. OdinCrows

    OdinCrows Member

    Batman...he faced beings that dwarfed him in power (he had none except his intellect) and conquered whatever fear he must have felt. And like Saximony he still got shit done.
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