Europe and U.K. Your thoughts on the European Union?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by European_stormtrooper, Mar 29, 2021.

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    Hey there and welcome to this new thread!
    As you can tell from my name I'm an European, but not any European. I'm a staunch believer on the European Union. My country is a member of said organization and I have always been curious what other people from outside Europe think about our little Union.

    I believe that the European Union is something that benefited everyone, specially the poor and underdeveloped countries of Europe, though with it's exceptions, most notably it made all countries development and growth increase.

    What about the Euro?
    It's one of European Union's greatest achievements, not without it's faults and mishaps. I think it gives too much power to corporations and big banks. The Euro is the second/third most powerful currency. I would argue that the Pound is a bit stronger due to it's Commonwealth, but even those countries are sometimes really dependent of the Dollar rather than anything.

    In terms of system of government isn't ideal, but we have a parliament, with all nations represented and a vast spectrum of parties in them. From Communist to Far Right Wing. I'm not here to discuss the implications of such parties in the European Parliament that in its own could be a whole thread.

    Militarily it could be said we are the ones who have faced the extremism of the 20th century and have prevailed. Credit where it's due, the U. S. played a important role, but also constraint the liberties of many nations due to political coups like the Greek, Portuguese and Turkey Military Juntas/Fascist governments.

    Though Biden said America is back. Europeans can't rely on America to find it's future. Europe needs to stand together at the same level as America and let them know we are not just your market or benelovent allies, but a sovereign recollection of States that vow to defend themselfs from all threats. Economic wars like those we have seen against European companies or businesses, from all foreign nations can't be tolerated. This last 4 years have made me think that even though America is a good ally, sometimes you lack reliability and though we are bound together we ought to be an independent and free Union.
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    My mother was German but came to England as a baby refugee after the second World War and was adopted as a British citizen: although I didn't meet her till I was 18 my name was German and I was aware of my 'foreign origin because it was a time when The War loomed large still, so I did consider myself European and was pleased when we joined what became the EU. I also had the opportunity to work a lot in Europe as well as many other places in the world, and became involved in a very enjoyable pan European project (to do with air traffic) - that ended for me, sadly, with Brexit and I had a difficult few years before finding my career path again.

    Socially, culturally and in friendship links I do love Europe and am sad that we now have so many barriers to living, working and travelling there but I think Europe and the open ideals are here to stay.
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    ue if it was just for free trade yes nothing else as eu is run by just a few countries mainly 2 at the expence of the others as all plitics is corrupt so will it be perfect im glad were out of it and im scottish
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    I agree with some of the things said so far. However, I believe it's necessary to point out that the EU is a very ambitious project, never seen before in Europe's history; but despite the idea being good and relatable, I believe it can't work because of its weakness in its foundations: having often put the interests of a few countries above the common interests of the Union.
    I won't talk about economics since I'd be talking about things I don't know. However, I agree that Euro is a strong currency, maybe necessary, but it has been beneficial to just a few: other countries had experienced a deep crisis from which they hardly emerged nowadays.
    The biggest issue for me is politics. The political institutions are completely unknown in some places, (such as Portugal, Italy, Greece or Spain... "PIGS" as some used to call them; and I believe in the UK as well) but are far from not existing: sentences like "Bruxelles told us to..." or "Europe wants us to..." are omnipresent on the news and in the political decisions of these countries. EU influence in home politics is becoming too strong in my opinion, and each country's influence less and less important... so much that at a certain point Germany proposed a plan (austerity) for the Greek crisis, known to be a failure by the way.
    A EU military for me is unnecessary, and I don't really recall many EU actions or successes in hot spots in Europe recently, such as in Catalonia, Crimea, Kosovo and Cyprus (but I can be wrong).
    Socially and culturally speaking Europe had always reminded me of Italy (or Germany) before the XIX century: small little countries, perhaps hostile toward each others sometimes, but who share a lot of history, traditions, culture and values. However, I really hope that the European unification (if it must happen) won't go as Italian/German unification proceed, with one of those countries imposing its influence over the others, but more as a true European pact and alliance in which states help each others (in this sense I believe the EEC has always been a better union than the EU will ever be).

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