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How To Protect Your Chat Experience

2017, May 08

Are random private messages bringing you down? Do unregistered users send you countless unwelcome whispers? In this blog, we will explore the various ways that you can protect your own chat experience from being needlessly diminished by inconsiderate users.

Private Message Settings

Once you've joined the chat, start by clicking the top-left button, "Menu," indicated by a gear icon. Then click "options." The first tab, on the left, "Private Messages," is where we will be working.

From here, you may elect to block private messages from men, women, or people of unspecified gender. This is based on what gender other users declare themselves to be, so there is no guarantee that, for instance, a woman who does not want to receive messages from men will never receive a message from a man, but it does cut down on the noise quite a bit.

You can also block private messages from unregistered "guest" users. This may help with, for instance, users who keep trying to rejoin chat with a new name to harass you after you have blocked them in the past.

Finally, you can disable private messages entirely by unchecking the "Enable Private Messages" box. This is an extreme, but not absolute, measure. Even if two users both have private messages disabled, if both users attempt to private message the other, both users will "white list" each other -- they will be able to private message each other. This will persist for the duration of the chat session, and end the next time either user rejoins chat.

Whispers -- the messages that show up in the flow of the chat, from one user to another, and are private, but do not get their own tab -- can also be disabled in this area.

Not all of these options are for everyone. You may wish to use all of them, any combination of them, or leave all options set to their defaults. We've designed it this way so that you are in control of your chat experience to the greatest degree possible.

If you have any questions on this, or any other chat related topic, feel free to read our New Chat FAQ and ask your question if it hasn't already been answered.