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  1. AshleyF
    Shy girl looking for some excitement.
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  2. Kristianna
    I am here because I want to talk shit I can't talk on Fb lol. Fuck you if it hurts. Bitch bye lol.
  3. Lurking
    Back from work and ready to chat =D
  4. abhitripathy
    abhitripathy TGirl
    Hii baby wana make ypur day
  5. jackyboi001
  6. saxsymbol63
    saxsymbol63 Sabrina270
    Just another reminder that you're loved, wanted and needed... Because not telling you would be criminal. You're truly remarkable, baby.
    1. Thesw1tcher
      This is creepy
      Jun 23, 2017 at 7:22 PM
  7. Kristianna
    Kristianna Mikenew1212
    Did the conversation include you? wtf?
  8. Kristianna
    Kristianna CarleyCutie
    Thanks for the follow Carley <3
  9. Feisty_Unusual_Khittee
    Feisty_Unusual_Khittee Savage
    *insert very pervy post here*
  10. Mikenew1212
  11. lucky7711
  12. lucky7711
  13. lucky7711
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    2. Kristianna
      Hi guy
      Jun 23, 2017 at 7:32 PM
  14. minakshi
  15. CarleyCutie
    CarleyCutie Kristianna
    haha sure you say that now, but given the option you know you'd choose bigger
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    2. CarleyCutie
      Haha so you get the attention of guys, and i get to not have sweaty boobs :P
      Jun 23, 2017 at 7:32 PM
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    3. Kristianna
      Carley, you are beautiful. If a guy isn't giving you that might want to try blowing him and see if you can even make him hard...he might be faggin it on the DL lol.

      As if sweaty boobs aren't bad enough, I can't even wear pretty bra's unless I'm going out cause the better material usually creates more sweat. Just eww :/ You can have the guys, gimmie your small tits :D Deal?
      Jun 23, 2017 at 7:37 PM
    4. CarleyCutie
      Well, getting with enough guys often enough and i still want need one... or any clothes at all for that matter
      Jun 23, 2017 at 7:42 PM
  16. Daddy4BabyGirl
    Looking for my baby girl. Serious inquiries please. Let's get to know each other and if all is good plan on meeting up.
  17. josepe27
    Looking for a young girl to give the pleasure she wants.
  18. Magicman
    Magicman JPgirl
    Mmmm...Love to french you passionately..Suck those big beautiful tits like a starved baby..Toss you over my broad shoulders giggling, kicking n screaming slapping your round pretty ass ..Carry you into my bedroom ,fuck my fat long cock into your tiny tight pussy and make you mine...Love to play with you sometime ! ..You're sexy baby ! ..
  19. Kristianna
    Kristianna CarleyCutie
    I'd rather have the smaller set up, than what I am work with. I wouldn't worry if I were, small breasted women are very attractive ;)

    Sorry clicked the wrong place to reply lol, *oh and fml :P
  20. faerieclaire06
    Looking to sell my naughty Snapchat. Anyone interested. Ebony, petite female.
    1. Mikenew1212
      Can I see a sample
      Jun 23, 2017 at 6:59 PM