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Getting Paid to Chat?

2021, January 22

Free Chat Now is currently working on an updated website and chat room system to allow people to get paid to chat, post pics, post videos, stream yourself live on cam, and many other countless ways to monetize your own content! We're not the first to offer such a service, but we're unique in several ways.

What this means for content creators:

  • Content creators get 100% of the funds they raise (we don't take a cut).
  • You don't need a huge social media following to make money.
  • has a large amount of friendly, eager users that your content will be exposed to.

What this means for general users:

Firstly, we want to make sure our loyal and long term chatters understand that has and will always be a free chat service that does not require registration to participate. It is not becoming a payment only site.

We've been a leader in offering free chat rooms for over 30 years and will continue to do so. However, we recognize the overwhelming demand for legitimate premium content on demand which the new website will offer in abundance.

We'll guarantee that the content you follow is 100% legitimate. There will be no scamming or spamming and for the first time no more pesky advertisements hindering your chatting experience. A feature rich service offering live content that's available to you when you want it is just around the corner.

We value your input, get involved and let us know what you think by joining the discussion forum.

Are you interested in making money for your content?

Early access is available to candidates that qualify:

Information submitted is NOT resold or shared with any third party service.