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Welcome to 2019

2019, January 09

It's 2019 and we couldn't be happier here at FCN. We've broken traffic and chat room user records in our 20 year history. Here's 6 ways to up your game in the online chat rooms.


Wrapping up the 2018 Summer

2018, September 13

Wow is all i can say, what a great summer we had here at freechatnow. As I write this blog and check the rooms, we have 2637 online chatters, a new maximum for our rooms. Our website has been consistently breaking records month after month since June.


What Kind of Free Chat Rooms are Available and Which are the Best?

2018, April 01

There are many different kind of adult chat rooms available, most of which are free, very few require payment in this day and age. To determine what's considered as the “best”, it would vary from person to person and come down to what kind of sex chat experience the individual is seeking.


Getting the Most out of Live Sex through Sex Chat

2018, March 15

It's easy to get lost in the overwhelming ruckus that online sex offers, every website you visit you're probably being bombarded with advertisements promising you horny girls in your local area with ease. Although there are many ways to pursue live sex through your computer, only a handful of industries or websites will guarantee you free sex.


Ways to Approach Free Chat Rooms to Guarantee Success

2018, March 07

If you're new to online chat rooms, you might be making a lot of mistakes when you approach other people for interesting and engaging chat. Read up on how you can improve your odds of success so that you can get everything you want from our chat rooms.


Starting Conversations in a Chat Room

2018, January 31

It can be hard approaching strangers in a chat room. You can hit up several chatters in a row, rapidly, and still see no success. In that case, it's usually your approach that needs work. Read on to see how to introduce yourself, how to present yourself as worth talking to, and some considerations about respect, and you'll find that you can increase your adult chat room success rate.


Defining the Sex Chat Experience

2017, December 18

Starting your Sex Chat experience should never be hard. Here are three tips to help get you on the right track and have fulfilling adult chat experiences.


FCN: #winning

2017, September 26

FCN continues growing. We've got plans for new rooms, features, and fixes. Read all about it here.


New to gay chat? Here’s 7 tips to get you started.

2017, August 25

Congratulations - you've found out how easy it is to start using FCN's free gay chat and you're ready to meet guys online. Follow these 7 communication tips and make a great impression every time you use our gay chat room.


Features for the Best Mobile Chat Experience

2017, July 24

We live in a world today where low-res, pop-up riddled, Flash powered mobile chat sites are beginning to feel dated. People want a great mobile chat experience that actually works on mobile. With iOS dropping Flash support and Java beginning to be phased out, sites that work, look great, and deliver the best mobile chat experience are here to stay. We are one such site, and here is why.