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Safely Meeting People from the Internet

2016, November 03

Are you considering meeting a stranger from the Internet in person, and don't want the night to end with your head stuffed and mounted over a fireplace?

Connection Problems: Fixed!

2016, November 02

A fairly severe recent technical problem left some of our services functioning at less than their full potential. We've been working hard to get everything in order, and now the connection problem many users were having is resolved.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Free Chat

2016, October 07

Dating apps may have taken over recently, but chat rooms were the original place on the internet where people went to make friends and form emotional connections. Dating apps encourage a more superficial ...

Getting Started and Being Safe: Chat Rooms

2016, October 07

Adult chat rooms are usually considered harmless and fun; however, they still require a certain amount of precaution. One can never be too careful when talking to strangers. Are you new to chat rooms? Here are some tips to help you get started and to keep you safe.

Adults Love Free Chat Now; Here's Why

2016, October 07

Chat rooms have been around for decades, and their popularity has continued to grow since they first came about. People love chatting with others in free adult chat rooms for many reasons ...

Sharing Personal Information: A Scenario

2016, January 13

You may think that little bits of personal information are okay to share in public chat or even with trusted individuals. Here's why you're wrong.

New Happenings at FCN!

2016, January 12

You've already noticed things are different. I'd like to tell you all about what's in store.


2016, January 11

The Internet can be dangerous, and in spite of our best efforts to weed out the kinds of people who would take advantage of peoples' good nature, chat rooms may still occasionally contain trolls, bullies, or thieves. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy our chat rooms safely...