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New Happenings at FCN!

2016, January 12

New Happenings at FCN!

For over 15 years, we've provided quality free chat, and we're not about to stop. You may have noticed that some things are different, though. Let me tell you all about it.

New Website Layout

Our team has designed a new website to replace the very basic, dated website that you may remember if you've been a user here for some time. It served its purpose, but it's a new year, and we're putting the "now" back into Free Chat Now.

Chat Shakeup

We're shaking things up with the chat itself. The system will remain the same, but we're cutting to the heart of what our users come here for. We've watched the numbers, and by and large, you come to FCN for mature adult conversation and steamy sex chat with similarly sultry partners. Find a fling, search for your soul mate, or talk about issues affecting those of us who are over the age of majority.

You're not here to sit at the kids' table, and now, that won't be a problem encroaching on our adults-only space. The rooms used to be mixed, some for teens of various ages, some for adults only, and sometimes it could be hard to tell which was which and who belonged where, but now, FCN is an adults-only website.