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The New Chat Rooms are Here!

2022, October 18

The New Chat Rooms are Here!

Join the New Chat Rooms

It's been a long time coming and we apologize for the delay but finally we're introducing the new chat software. This will be a slow process, simultaneously running along side the old chat software, giving users the ability to dip their toes in and get a feel for the changes rather than being thrown in the deep end.

There will be no sacrifices made in terms of functionality and features, everything is improved upon, there are more options and features with hundreds of requests over the years finally addressed providing what you've been asking for.

The time will come in the not so distant future where the old chat software will be retired completely, we urge all users to join and become familiar with the new rooms. In the coming weeks we'll release a cheat sheet blog that will go into detail on some of the major features and configurations that aren't so apparent on the surface but will make a huge difference to your chatting experience for the better.

Remember the new chat rooms are completely built from the ground up by the FreeChatNow team so the possibilities are endless in terms of new features and customization to best suit what our users want. We've created a category of forums for your feedback, suggestions, bugs, errors and additions. As we know how much people hate change, we've even made a forum just for bitching about how much people who haven't even used the product yet wish to complain because all our users are important to us, even the salty ones ;)

Direct Links to the New Chat Software Forums

When will we retire the old chat software?

There is no date in mind, there are several factors that will determine when it's ready.

  1. Feedback requests for essential features from users and how long they take to develop.
  2. Bugs reported and problems found.
  3. Performance under heavy load.

When the decision is made to retire the old chat rooms, we'll give advanced notice.


Cams are functional but are by no means a finished product, we're still working hard on the video and audio features, feedback is appreciated!

Answers to Some Questions People are Already Asking:

Q: Will I need to register again to use the new chat with an account?

- The new chat rooms are integrated to the forum, your existing account will serve both the new and old chat rooms.

Q: Can I chat in both rooms simultaneously?

- Yes you can.

Q: There is a specific layout or function that I am accustomed to using that doesn't seem to be present on the new chat rooms?

- Go to the Help, How do I… forum and request, the chances are the feature exists there is just a new way to access and enable it.

Questions, comments, concerns, issues, praise or despair? Please direct them to the appropriate Forum, we're looking forward to hear from you!


A quick note regarding a forum post titled A new FCN is coming. This process was held up until the new version of the chat rooms went live, so we're a step closer to fulfilling this promise. More information will be released about this after we're switched 100% to the new chat software.