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Welcome to 2019

2019, January 09

Welcome to 2019

It's 2019 and we couldn't be happier here at FCN. We've broken traffic and chat room user records in our 20 year history. Here's 6 ways to up your game in the online chat rooms.

Free chat rooms are a great way to meet new and interesting people. However, you are among hundreds of thousands of other chatters in free chat rooms all over the world. You need to stand out and up your chat game to get noticed. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

1. Make Yourself Stand Out in Chat Rooms

One way to up your chat game is to stand out against the crowd. When you are in a chat environment, you are up against potentially thousands of other people. Think outside the box to help draw attention to yourself.

Also, choose a really good avatar that stands out against the rest. This gives you the opportunity to let others know what you look like, and also allows you to show off a bit of your personality. You do not necessarily need to use a photograph of yourself. If you are an avid fan of artwork, you could use a photo of your favorite painting or sculpture. This shows potential chat mates that you are interested in this topic, and it will likely draw other like-minded people to you.

2. Choose a Unique User Name for Online Chat

Create an attention-grabbing screen name for yourself. Do not simply use your initials combined with a random set of numbers. Think of something that would describe your personality, and form it into a cool screen name. Not only will this help you stand out, but it also tells others a bit about you before you even engage in conversations.

3. Provide Good Conversation During Your Free Chat Sessions

When people visit free chat rooms, they are often searching for good conversationalists. If someone strikes your interests, always make an effort to maintain a good dialogue. If you seem boring or unwilling to talk, the other person will likely quit responding to you.

When you are void of conversational topics, consider asking about the interests of your chat mate. If you both have some common interests, that is a quick gateway into other conversations.

At the same time, you should avoid any controversial topics at first. Be sure to avoid things like politics or religion until you have an understanding of the other person’s stance on those topics. The fastest way to turn someone off is to alienate them with your differing opinions.

4. Compliment the Other Person During Your Live Chat Sessions

When you are chatting with someone, be sure to compliment them. However, do not go completely overboard. For instance, do not open a conversation commenting on a person’s looks. You can make comments like that later on in the conversation if you feel the need, but doing so right off the bat comes off as disingenuous and can be off-putting to some people.

Instead, compliment their passion about any given topic during your conversations. If, for instance, you are talking about your chat mate’s passion for animal rights, praise that person’s willingness to dedicate time and energy to that cause.

5. Step Outside Your Own Comfort Zone

Online chatting can be an intimidating thought when you are first starting out. When you begin a conversation, step outside of what you would normally do. Do not be afraid to be flirtatious. Feel confident in your abilities to freely talk about things you would not normally be able to in your everyday life.

6. Be Yourself When in Chat Rooms

While you are stepping outside of your comfort zone, remember to still be yourself. Do not try to be so ambitious that you lose sight of your own personality. If you end up with a long chatting relationship with a person, you do not want to worry about keeping up a façade. Have the confidence in yourself to stand out, but also retain who you truly are.

Online chat is a fun way to meet new people and have intriguing conversations. Keep these tips in mind when you log in to your next live chat.