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Discussion in 'Amateur Helpdesk' started by mystichaze32, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. mystichaze32

    mystichaze32 New Member

    i have updated my browser and everything and still can't get my camera to work.
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  2. Stanthropical

    Stanthropical a glitch

    When asking for such help, always include versions, titles, device types, settings, etc—and whether it works in other software.
  3. Jey007

    Jey007 New Member

  4. InTheMix

    InTheMix Well-Known Member

    I have been able to use my camera and mic here before. However, there is a significant reverb and interference when trying to talk to someone c2c on here
  5. Chris_41-M-Oregon

    Chris_41-M-Oregon New Member

    It is not your device. I have never been able to get my camera to work on this site or other istes with this same chat system. My camera works fine on any other site even chat sites accept for this one. I Have tried several browsers and none will publish the camera and make it work for this site. I have windows 10 fully updated on a 2in1 Laptap/Tablet

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