Does god exist? and if yes then why they cant be seen in present time?

Discussion in 'Religion' started by goku1234, Nov 14, 2017.

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    God exists in the mind of those who believe it and if it makes them happier, why not?

    I'm happier with a universe free of superstition and gods, but that's a personal choice.

    Religions do exist and cause a lot of mess.
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    Religions cause a mess when a particular set of beliefs is imposed - whether through teachings or force - as absolute and/or superior to other sets of beliefs.

    The question of whether God exists makes for an interesting philosophical debate. But in a dualistic world, in which the question is framed as an absolute (yes or no - see the relationship to my first sentence), is hopeless. That is to say it’s unresolvable.

    Blake said something like “the body is that portion of the soul perceived by the senses.” That is to say (positing the notion of a soul) that we perceive based on limited sensory impressions that we render intellectually into thought and argument. But it’s limited.

    What does a fish know of water? They are so closely related, so symbiotically connected, that there is little distinction. Yet if a fish were given intellect, could it argue for the existence of a world without water? No. It couldn’t even argue the existence of water, having known nothing else.

    So how can I say absolutely there is or isn’t something that may exists beyond the limits of my experience or beyond my capacity to fathom it. Given that possibility, who can say that god does or doesnt exist?

    The notion of “god” itself is so bound up in cultural and religious preconceptions as to be hopelessly limited - so as to make the terms of the debate itself questionable at best.

    Existence is an intellectual concept. But that doesn’t stop us from battling the question.
    It’s just our nature. And the either/or premise, for my money, allies itself with the confining tenants of ... gasp ... religion. :)
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    listen carefully you wil find the answer here

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