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    But his is a two way street though.
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    My post got deleted
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    When jealousy appears in your mind and you have the opportunity to combat it, do so with no delay. Fight it with unquestionable trust for it will lead to undeniable truth.
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    From my experience: my girlfriend was very insecure, she was an older then me by 7yrs, she felt i was going to meet someone better than her and leave. She would call me like crazy, at times yes it was annoying but it showed me that she really loved me. It just made me care about her even more. I didn't want her to feel that so I would send her text I would call her on my own.

    You have to talk to your man tell how you feel and why. After that talk, if you see him wanting and trying to help you with your insecurity, then with time it will fade away.
    Now just remember that he can pick up the phone when he's at work or in the car so try not to put him in that situation or yourself.
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    I'm not the jealous type at all, but Ive had friends that think because I'm not jealous of there flirtatious ways that somehow I don't care about them as much. I know I'm happiest when I'm not in a monogamous relationship, so how or why would I expect my lady to. I just ask that the more active you are, the more often you get checked out and we can all have fun while doing our part to stop the spread of disease. What kills me is those types that get all pissed off at you when you are looking at the half dressed lady on their arm. She dressed like that to get the admiring looks you fuck head. Let her have her day! Your a half dressed lady on my arm, I'm twirlen your ass around so everybody gets a 360 degree look!

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