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  1. TallulahBlue

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    If violets were orange, poetry would be really hard for me...
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  2. PumpkinPie

    PumpkinPie Well-Known Member

    This is very moving I hope for you and don't even know you but can feel the emotion thru your words hugs xx
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  3. PumpkinPie

    PumpkinPie Well-Known Member

    My Sweet Child ~

    Planned you were sweet baby girl, we wished and you came into our world

    Some long days one could say, but the years have gotten away

    Right here, right now I stare at you, my heart overflows with love that's true

    If beauty & grace mean anything at all, my baby girl YOU are standing so tall

    Go now you are on your way...and perhaps when the time is right...you will have your own sweet child one day

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  4. SeaPaganLady

    SeaPaganLady Well-Known Member

    I'am ice and other one is the water because melts and the other one flows with pure and wonderful abandonment. Far off my eyes catch beautiful horse of heavenly blue gallop on the water like it is on land and it is coming towards me like elegant old world ship of antiquity. Finnally the vibrant colored equine was standing in front of my greatly shakened small form compared to this gaint blue horse beast of this exquisite beauty of graceful form. This strange water creature was talking to me troug my mind and into my very sense of being it even told me my name and told me things that nobody knows anything about me. It painted the sky with massive powerful storms and atlast I was forced to obey the water horse of kelpie horse and it's orders were for me to go into water. I obey and removed my shoes from my feet and walked to the sea but instead of drowning I saw a bunch of other water beautful spirits in the shapes of half women and half water horse start to drap sea weeds upon my body. Their scaly blue skin and soft blue flesh glow with radiant beauty and her lovely singing voices say welcome our sister has returned home and I feel a overpowering sense of calm familiarity and humble understanding. They gather around me like a gaint fishingnet and I can not escape and oddly enough maybe I don't want to leave this place. And somehow maybe I even belong here but sadly I don't remember them or even know how I know them and I catch myself wondering what their names are.
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  5. SeaPaganLady

    SeaPaganLady Well-Known Member

    This poem is called The Water Witch is a work in progress so please be delicate about this poem because it is unfinished.
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  6. All_In_The_Words

    All_In_The_Words Well-Known Member

    Odd that with so many so called clever people that there isn't more Poetry in here.

    Kudos to the man who started it. Whilst I can write, Poetry is a little style beyond my ability.

    And congratulations to those who have been kind enough to share words to date.
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  7. Lunatic1978

    Lunatic1978 Active Member

    Here I sit on this porcelain pooper, giving birth to a Kentucky state trooper.

    There you go man.
  8. xyzrp

    xyzrp Well-Known Member

    HOLY DAMN!!! O.O :eek: *speechless*
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  9. Lupine

    Lupine Well-Known Member

    Nice to see people adding new stuff to the thread. Don't stop, words often need to be heard.
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  10. MeganB

    MeganB Well-Known Member

    And I still haven't completed your challenge :D
  11. PumpkinPie

    PumpkinPie Well-Known Member

    January 2004

    Daybreak came so fast too soon
    Was not ready to let you go
    Now each year I send a balloon
    Lil' gesture just to show
    You are missed more each day
    At times I feel at a low
    Especially at night when I lay
    See you sweet Father on the other side
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  12. Lupine

    Lupine Well-Known Member

    Nicely done.
  13. PumpkinPie

    PumpkinPie Well-Known Member

    Thank you, kind to say
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  14. Lupine

    Lupine Well-Known Member

    @Tinytiny that's amazing. I've never attempted a piece that long before. I love the way it flows in shorts bursts..
  15. Lupine

    Lupine Well-Known Member

    When I did creative writing at college I was told if you get the whim.to write just do it. You can always edit it later for sanity.

    But honestly a nice piece and thank you for sharing.
  16. Lupine

    Lupine Well-Known Member

    Thanks, means a lot for you to say.
  17. PumpkinPie

    PumpkinPie Well-Known Member

    Look Up

    At times a void, dark and alone
    Nothing to see, nothing to hold
    Despair and regrets slip in
    Putting out the light like a strong wind

    At times bright, happy, and full
    Eyes wide, wild
    Hope and joy rush like lava
    Engniting the senses once more

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  18. Serena_A

    Serena_A Well-Known Member

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
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  19. Vey

    Vey Well-Known Member

    Good one. LOL
  20. TessaRamona

    TessaRamona Active Member

    Feel the sadness burning in my heart
    You left to early father love
    So many things I should have said
    But in you mind you knew it well
    Holding on to what I got and love
    But things still seems so dark and cold
    The fire burning down my happiness
    But I will rise
    So proud and strong you truly was,
    I took it with me as a tool
    A gift from father to his only daughter
    Watching over me with eagle eyes
    You gave me freedom to a life,
    Where dreams are born and truly became real
    See me falling, yeah down and lonely
    Are the angels on their way, I'm in the dirt
    Hear me screaming, see me bleeding
    'Cause the days no more the same without you
    Promise me my girl you always will,
    Cherish what you love believing in
    Never loose your values, stand up for the day
    Oh dear…

    dad i miss you so :(
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