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    I knew you before you were born, but not what you would become.
    I saw you open your eyes, for the very first time. I gave you your name, and called you mine.
    I told you stories every night, and sang sweet lullabies. I tucked you in your bed.
    I did not always give you what you wanted; but what was best for you instead.
    I prayed for God to watch over you, and protect you everyday. Even when I knew It was over, for you I decided to stay.
    I told you corny jokes. I fixed things you broke. I watched you grow, and gave you space. I solved your problems,
    forgave your mistakes. I paid all the bills.
    I marveled at your skills. I fought with you, for you. I cried with you, for you.
    Now as tears roll down my cheek writing words you will never read, I am left with nothing, no words do we speak.
    How did I let this happen, how was I so weak? The strong man I once was, now brought down to his knees.
    I think of my dear Father, and what he is to me, It is more than I can bear, knowing that I'll never be....that
    source of strength and wisdom, a person to which you can lean, someone that you can trust, someone you can tell
    everything. The man my Father was and is to me. Through all of my faults, disappointments, shortcomings, failures,
    failed promises, things you remember that I cant even think of, One thing will never ever change my son.....
    thats a Father's unending eternal love. Gladly will i lay down my life for you, without hesitation.
    You are and will always be, my most wonderful creation. More precious to me are you, than anything on earth.
    No matter what you think of me, in my thoughts you are always first. I hope that when someday, this cruel world
    takes me away, you will have at least one fond memory of us, one nice thing to say. I may not have been, the best
    Father in your eyes, but to me you'll always be, the best son a dad could see. I love you to the moon the stars
    the sun and back, and even farther than that. Im sorry for all the things I did wrong.
    If you ever read this letter, perhaps it will make things just a little bit better.
    And one day maybe, when your a man, you'll have a son of your own, and then you'll understand....
    just what you mean to me. I love you for eternity.

    Lie to me, I will understand.
    Cut me, I will bleed tears of forgiveness.
    Burn the bridge between us, I will build it again, no matter how many times you destroy it.
    Curse me, I will pray for you everyday.
    Hate me, I will never stop loving you.
    Shut me out, I will never stop sending ILY'S.
    I will wait, for however long it takes.
    I will suffer one million heartbreaks.
    Hoping and praying for that day, you will return to me.
    I will welcome you with open arms, and rejoice to the heavens above.
    There is no limit to a Father's Love.
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    If violets were orange, poetry would be really hard for me...
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    This is very moving I hope for you and don't even know you but can feel the emotion thru your words hugs xx
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    The waves, they,
    the fluxing constants
    in the reflective
    deflection of
    your eyes.

    your mind, it,
    and I'd lap it up,
    off the floor
    of my body
    like melted lava:

    precious. scared.
    warm, scared.
    hold, scared.


    "I'll owe you some,
    then own you full.'

    my mind, it'll
    crash and burn
    crash in sin
    like the sun
    spelled 'sin'.
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    My Sweet Child ~

    Planned you were sweet baby girl, we wished and you came into our world

    Some long days one could say, but the years have gotten away

    Right here, right now I stare at you, my heart overflows with love that's true

    If beauty & grace mean anything at all, my baby girl YOU are standing so tall

    Go now you are on your way...and perhaps when the time is right...you will have your own sweet child one day

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    I'am ice and other one is the water because melts and the other one flows with pure and wonderful abandonment. Far off my eyes catch beautiful horse of heavenly blue gallop on the water like it is on land and it is coming towards me like elegant old world ship of antiquity. Finnally the vibrant colored equine was standing in front of my greatly shakened small form compared to this gaint blue horse beast of this exquisite beauty of graceful form. This strange water creature was talking to me troug my mind and into my very sense of being it even told me my name and told me things that nobody knows anything about me. It painted the sky with massive powerful storms and atlast I was forced to obey the water horse of kelpie horse and it's orders were for me to go into water. I obey and removed my shoes from my feet and walked to the sea but instead of drowning I saw a bunch of other water beautful spirits in the shapes of half women and half water horse start to drap sea weeds upon my body. Their scaly blue skin and soft blue flesh glow with radiant beauty and her lovely singing voices say welcome our sister has returned home and I feel a overpowering sense of calm familiarity and humble understanding. They gather around me like a gaint fishingnet and I can not escape and oddly enough maybe I don't want to leave this place. And somehow maybe I even belong here but sadly I don't remember them or even know how I know them and I catch myself wondering what their names are.
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    This poem is called The Water Witch is a work in progress so please be delicate about this poem because it is unfinished.
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    Ode to the Boy You Don't Want to Kill

    He was like a wreckage wrapped
    in flowers smoked
    and smothered in paint-
    smeared fingers, painted
    jeans, painted smile,
    sardonic rainbow of
    a myriad of sparkly charms
    baiting the one sane
    part of your heart
    that did not want
    to find its next victim.
    eyebrows raised,
    eyes mostly glazed,
    his words blazed a trail,
    set the sails of your vegetable heart
    aflutter, decluttered the
    pile of painkillers it
    had taken, to numb itself
    when you'd killed
    the first boy you loved.

    but because your heart
    had migrated for a time to him,
    time itself had continued, had
    stepped and moved on
    over the shards of your heart
    like a used coffee cup,
    made of paper and you,
    you cupped your hands over your
    heart to hear it not stir because
    it'd stopped beating, stopped in
    a staccato of gray mourning
    refusing to acknowledge the
    existence of the yellow,
    the mellow, until the halo
    of silly flower behind a
    willy ear sprinkled
    the existence of rainbows
    back in again. It's funny
    how water leaks into and
    through everything
    like blood.
    so your Wall-E heart
    looked up from its Humpty wall,
    and cried for Eve, Eve like
    the mother of everything new,
    Eve, like Satan's accomplice,
    Eve, like the consumer of
    the fruit, forbidden for a reason,
    Eve, short for the shorter evening
    of your love, the sun of which
    had set in grey, a little
    too soon before midnight, and
    Eve the breaker of Adam's heart.

    now, you do not know if
    you want your heart to
    cartwheel, to blaze red,
    when the boy you donot
    want to kill, paints
    your skin blue, want to
    lean into his leanness, when
    he combs your unruly hair,
    want to drown into the dark
    chocolate of his eyes, because
    he says, falling in love,
    is just like eating chocolate,
    only you can always eat
    chocolate, and not choke
    on the lack of it, not eating
    chocolate will not choke
    the life out of you,
    like you know his smoking
    will, not eating chocolate
    will not create puffy eyes,
    like his erratic sleep cycles will,
    not eating chocolate, will
    not make a body not step
    into a shower for days on end
    because the keys to your
    brain had gotten swallowed
    by the lack of the chocolate,
    the lack of love, when
    the boy you killed
    had walked away, a zombie.

    so tell him, tell the boy
    you donot want to kill, when
    the lack of chocolate,
    like the lack of love,
    like his lack of hygiene
    make your nose
    wrinkle, your eyes
    crinkle, and you know
    you want to fill this lack,
    want to stuff yourself
    with chocolates and that
    you'll be broken again soon,
    tell him, that you're a 5'2"
    hydrophobe swimming steadily
    beyond the 6' zone to tell him,
    that you'd like to drown
    for a change, belong, for a change
    down for a change, the invisible pills
    of love he asks you to save
    for days which are blue,
    as substitutes for antidepressants.

    tell him how you'd rather need
    antisuppressants to choke
    and hold back the love that
    threatens to burst from
    you, your heart straining
    to belong again, like
    it never did to the boy
    you killed, because
    you realise that he'd have tried
    to keep it whole, otherwise.
    and you tell the boy,
    the boy you don't want to kill,
    to continue to be your drug dealer
    for a while, to stay a while,
    let your dead heart ferment
    awhile in the supply of a time's worth
    of antioppressants, a time's worth
    of time to breathe, and
    find and laugh and lose and
    fit and cry and drown.

    tell him, just when you'd told yourself
    that the magic's not here no more,
    how the double negatives came
    to bite you back in the ass,
    wrapped in an autocorrect
    amount of sass,tell the boy
    who's swapped hearts with you,
    to tell it to calm the fuck down,
    because you know he can whisper
    to it, now that the sonofabitch
    has started to wriggle again,
    and curiously it looks
    as red as the rose he painted
    on your canvas, the one that
    isn't gray anymore, isn't
    not gay at all, because
    roses only ever come in
    colors and none of them
    are graying like his hair.

    tell the boy you donot want to kill,
    how your heart stopped
    belonging to you,
    the first time he tucked
    a flower into your hair.
    tell him, that you won't
    tell him all of that,
    because you don't want
    to kill him too now, do you?
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    Odd that with so many so called clever people that there isn't more Poetry in here.

    Kudos to the man who started it. Whilst I can write, Poetry is a little style beyond my ability.

    And congratulations to those who have been kind enough to share words to date.
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    Here I sit on this porcelain pooper, giving birth to a Kentucky state trooper.

    There you go man.
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    what is it about voids
    that call out to be filled,
    to kill
    that little love inside of us
    we try
    to latch on to, to survive?
    every time I pass a
    crevice, my phone
    screams to fall, my foot
    to twist, my hand to scrape,
    my knees to kneel, peep, look(!),
    whatever goes into the void
    is gone,
    forever sworn
    to never resurface. so
    each passing day,
    I pass by you,
    acknowledge the void
    of your begging eyes,
    ruthless arms outstretched,
    asking for something,
    anything to fill out
    the void of bile-filled stomach,
    pestilence ridden arms and hunger
    stenched mouth, and I,
    pound foolish penny wise,
    die a little every day,
    but walk on,
    refusing to drown into your void,
    devoid of sympathy,
    I'd rather drown humanity instead,
    than drown in it.
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    HOLY DAMN!!! O.O :eek: *speechless*
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    Nice to see people adding new stuff to the thread. Don't stop, words often need to be heard.
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    And I still haven't completed your challenge :D

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