Free Online Chat Rooms

Chat and General Service Rules

The following is an authoritative document governing user conduct when using any of the services available on this website and any of its subdomains. Users behaving in contravention of these user conduct rules on this or any of our similar websites will be disciplined accordingly. Depending on what rules are violated, our response may include taking legal action or reporting conduct, with evidence including access, upload, and chat logs, to law enforcement personnel with jurisdiction in users' locations.

All participants must be 18 or older.

No users under the age of 18 are permitted to use any of our services for any reason in any situation whatsoever, regardless of any variances in local age of majority in your country, state, municipality, etc. As we operate in the United States, the US age of majority -- 18 -- is the required age for all of our services. Any users found to be below the age of 18 will be banned and prevented from further accessing our services to the best of our ability.

Post only legal and non-objectionable content.

Do not upload, link, share, describe, or mention any kind of illegal or objectionable content.

  • Do not share any content containing or referencing child pornography. This includes still images, video, or audio, whether recorded or streamed live, of subjects real or fictional. Rendered images and animation of fictional subjects is included within the definition of child pornography under United States law and many others.
  • Do not share any content depicting minors (individuals under the age of 18) whatsoever, for any reason, in any circumstance, whether or not said content contains or references nudity, sexuality, or sexually suggestive themes. This includes making reference to underage persons, whether real or fictitious, in a "role playing" context.
  • Do not share any content depicting bestiality, incest, rape, violence, or gore.
  • Do not share any content promoting racism or violence against any ethnic, national, economic, or religious group or people of any given sexuality or gender, whether or not you believe that any such person may be listening.
  • Do not request any content that is in defiance of the above rules. Moderator response will be the same as if you had posted such content yourself.
  • "Content", referenced above, includes all types of media, including text, such as usernames, forum and chat room posts, topics, comments, and so on.

Do not share or request any kind of contact information.

Users posting contact information in chat rooms and forum posts results in excessive low-quality spam, which makes our services harder to use for chatters with constructive, insightful things to say. Do not post contact information of any kind -- phone numbers, email addresses, personal websites, handles/usernames/addresses for any outside messenger services or social media, or other such information.

Additionally, users should never share contact information belonging to any other person. There is no way for us to verify that such contact information is being shared with the consent of the person to whom it belongs. Sharing contact information that belongs to any other person will be interpreted as an attempt to harass, defame, or incite violence against that person.

In fact, we can't be sure that any contact information shared by any user belongs to that user. Therefore, any contact information shared on our services could be regarded simultaneously as spam and as an attack against another person.

Do not share or request personally identifiable information.

Any information, such as any person's full legal name, residential address, place of business, or that of their friends, family, known associates, employer, and so on should never be shared on our services. We cannot verify that a given user sharing personally identifiable information owns that information, so the sharing of any such information will be regarded as an attempt to harass, defame, or incite violence against that person.

Do not share content you do not own.

  • Do not post, link to, stream, or otherwise share any content that is under copyright by an entity aside from yourself. This may include artwork, video, animation, audio recordings, works of fiction, and other kinds of content.
  • This also applies to any media depicting other real persons, especially that which was shared with an expectation of privacy or the expectation that it would not be shared with anyone but the original recipient. This includes sharing pictures of other users of our service, whether original or altered. Content depicting persons who are not public figures engaged in acts of public performance, or otherwise permitted as public domain, should never be shared on our service.
  • Additionally, for the purposes of this service, this includes private conversations with other users. Do not share logs or copies of private conversations in public or with others who were not directly involved in the conversation. Such information can be shared with moderators when reporting violations of these rules, however.

Do not harass other users.

If someone does not want to interact with you, then you don't interact with them. Reaching out for initial contact is fine, but if they have made it clear that they are not interested, move on. Every user has the ability to block other chatters, or manage their private message and forum privacy settings to prevent being contacted by people who they do not want to interact with. Circumventing these measures to re-initiate contact with a user who has blocked you constitutes harassment.

Sharing logs, copies, or screenshots of private conversations or media sent to you by other users of our service may also constitute harassment. The one exception to this is when sharing evidence of misbehavior with moderators.

Do not harass moderators.

Moderators act to improve the quality of our services by managing troublesome users. When moderators make decisions that you do not approve of, you may contact us with a description, with evidence, of any problematic behavior. However, do not harass moderators about their decisions or discuss moderator decisions in public. They are chatters just like you and are subject to the same protections against harassment that other users enjoy.

Do not impersonate any other person.

Impersonation of any other person will not be tolerated. This explicitly includes all users of our service, all moderators and staff. Additionally, impersonation of any public figure will not be tolerated. This may be interpreted as an attempt to harass or defame any given figure, or an attempt at social engineering, depending on context, and an offender may bear criminal or civil liability for such actions.

Do not spam or flood.

Repeated low-quality chat or forum posting, especially if intended to draw attention from our users toward some outside service, constitutes spam. Doing this frequently, especially with the aid of automation tools, constitutes flooding. Neither is acceptable.

  • Posts containing contact information will be considered spam.
  • Unprompted posts stating nothing but basic information about yourself, fishing for private messages, may be considered spam.
  • Crude "any girl" posts that clutter the chat or forums may be considered spam.
  • Repeated re-posting of copy-and-paste lines of any kind may be considered spam.

Do not attack or obstruct the service or any person's ability to use the service.

Any attempt to hack, intercept communication to or from, gain control of, or otherwise attack the service, any users connected to the service, or the ability of the service to function in its full capacity, will not be tolerated. Any person performing any such actions may be prosecuted under various national and international fraud and trespassing laws and/or liable for civil damages.

Only English is permitted.

Because we cannot guarantee our ability to translate any posts containing languages aside from English, no language aside from English may be used on any of our services. Posts written in other languages may violate any of our rules, and we have no choice but to be suspicious that this is the case in any given instance.

No exchanges of goods or services are allowed.

Do not attempt to solicit payment -- using any sort of exchange medium, including any real or digital currency, credit, gift cards, bonds, checks, IOUs, etc -- for or seek purchase of any kind of goods, services, or activities using any of our services. This includes:

  • Selling, buying, or arranging to buy or sell pictures, videos, audio recordings, live webcam sessions, adult chat sessions, any sort of adult goods, whether physical or digital,
  • Selling, buying, or arranging to buy or sell any sort of contact information with the promise of adult activity off-site,
  • Selling, buying, or arranging to buy or sell any sort of prostitution or related activity, whether dates, escorts, arrangements, hookups, and so on in real life.
  • Selling, buying, or arranging to buy or sell any goods, services, memberships, or anything not previously mentioned here,
  • Soliciting for advertisers or sponsors, or sharing any kind of advertisement, including, but not limited to, linking, sharing promotional material, embedding advertisements in uploaded content, spreading "word-of-mouth" for any other service outside our service, etc.

These rules are final.

Any disciplinary action issued for violating these rules is final. Users evading disciplinary action may be subject to trespassing charges where applicable.

These rules are binding.

Users of our services are bound by all of the above rules. Use of our services constitutes continued agreement with these rules. We provide these services at will and at our discretion. We have final control over whether you are permitted to use our services. If you disagree with any part of these rules, you may not continue to use our services.

These rules are subject to change.

These rules may be changed at any time for any reason, whether to increase restrictions or to lift them. This text will always be available and presented to all users when using our services. Ignorance of changes to the rules is, therefore, no excuse. Continued use of our services, even if rules are updated, constitutes agreement with the rules.