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Discussion in 'Technology' started by WomenRfromVenus, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. WomenRfromVenus

    WomenRfromVenus Well-Known Member

    Sooo tried to do an update on this particular it is stuck at logo screen. Clearing cache or tryin to reset to factory settings...did not work. Any suggestions?
    Sidenote>>>>dont hate on the old version, or lecture me about iphones lmbo! 20180212_154628-2.jpg
  2. Rooosie

    Rooosie Member

    Did you try turning it off and on again?

  3. Stanthropical

    Stanthropical a glitch

  4. WomenRfromVenus

    WomenRfromVenus Well-Known Member

    (Sigh) nufin....

    Maybe my brother can try kies or odin on it. Sad I have to ask a juvy lollll.
    If that doesnt work than pfft! I dont have the attention span for fiddling with pc to fix it. I hate tech! Its in the same category as Math to me....:confused:
  5. Stanthropical

    Stanthropical a glitch

    Take it to your cellphone provider's store. They may be able to reset it.

    (call first)
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  6. WomenRfromVenus

    WomenRfromVenus Well-Known Member

    K so I called. They said sometimes they can fix a bootloop, sometimes not. Might be time to bury the ancient one? *cue* the bagpipes
  7. Stanthropical

    Stanthropical a glitch

    A quick trip might be cheaper than a new device. Go grocery shopping on the way, so the trip isn't a complete waste if the device is FUBAR.
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  8. WomenRfromVenus

    WomenRfromVenus Well-Known Member

    LOL I can always find an excuse for ice cream!
    I was joking over not being teased about androids. But tbh I have 3 of them and the cameras absolutely suck on all 3. I only like my LG b.c. screen size is close to 6"

    I need to get up-to-date on tech and bang for your buck. Come out of medieval times I 'spose o_O
  9. WomenRfromVenus

    WomenRfromVenus Well-Known Member

    It generally shocks ppl when I tell them I didnt really mess with the internet for, four yrs. (No I was not in prison) lol
    It's totally true tho. Then in like mm Nov '16 I decided to open a fb back up and so forth.
    Lmaooo Sola asked me once if I knew what a mouse was. But hey, I was around during the Y2K crisis and when Napster was sued. So meh
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  10. Darrin69

    Darrin69 Member

    I had a bootloop on LG not to long ago. It was past warranty so I assumed I was screwed, however the clerk at the store called them directly and I was able to get a replacement, so you could try that
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  11. Male_uk

    Male_uk Well-Known Member

    That's a name I've not heard in a while :O

    If you have a PC you could download software called Odin and directly flash the rom files for your phone although trying to get the actual files for your particular phone will be the hard part.
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  12. WomenRfromVenus

    WomenRfromVenus Well-Known Member

    Its an antique!! Lol

    Its toasted. Tried to get it fixed this weekend. Didnt recognize kies and flashing didn't take it out of bootloop. Ah well, isn't like its a huge loss :p
    The phone was just an alterior # to give out besides main. I have another Samsung I can use in it's stead.

    The real sucky tech issue is, I have no cell service in my area lmbo!! 1 bar comes in and out. Perk of living in the country!

    *edit* i know theres options to boost signals. Im not overly stressed about signal. Actually accustomed to it by this point.
  13. Male_uk

    Male_uk Well-Known Member

    It is antique, 2012 I think it was released which is an impressive amount of time. I'm even more impressed that there was an update for it, I though they stopped in 2014!

    Man that sucks! Not that I answer phone calls at the best of times but that isn't the point :D
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  14. WomenRfromVenus

    WomenRfromVenus Well-Known Member

    Hahaha Tbh you can still buy that one ^^^^ online for like $200 :rolleyes: Learned that while googling!!!

    Meh doesn't matter, Ive learned to communicate like this 09NoPhoneZone.jpg

    And this

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