Thoughts on - aliens and multiverse?

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by goku1234, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Male_uk

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    We're a freak of nature all on our own. If we are not then we haven't been visited.

    Good luck breaking the rules of physics.
  2. PumpkinPie

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    Pretty sure few ailens have contacted me in my private message box here on plantet FCN, not judging just reporting facts.
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  3. Aeila

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    I believe there’s a possibility aliens are real, either in the form of microbes or, a form very different from what humans may see them as of now. Since humans are so self-centered they always expect “intelligent” life to look like themselves. Though honestly, the alien could look like a cloud of glass and have intelligence that is thousands of times above us. Of course you could go to pyramids to try and prove the fact that humans couldn’t do that, due to symmetry or, due to the way things were hefted around. In my opinion, the universe itself is way to large to not have aliens, there are millions-billions of planets alone that could easily be deemed to host (human life). Though if you allow humanism out of the equation, there is a possibility there could be life on the moon, or even on Jupiter, or another exoplanet that is filled with NH4 of an atmosphere and oceans and lakes filled with methane. Humans are way to dense to understand, or are even too scared to realize that we’re not the biggest baddest thing on in existence.

    I also think, aliens don’t give a shit about humans. We’re just not interesting enough, humans are way to self destructive, over reactive, and primitive for any higher being to really care about us.
  4. CyberGuy69

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    Given the size of the universe it just seems logically impossible that we the only life within it, whether it be tiny microorganisms in dirt or a fully fledged civilization, there's simply gotta be something out there. As for the multiverse idea there's no hard evidence to show that it's true but then again there's no hard evidence to show that it's false either.
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  5. Peacecountry

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    I would think it's hubris to believe we are the only "intelligent" life in the universe so somewhere out there is likely something. Of course, they are likely so many million light years away that we will never know. Also, if they are indeed intelligent enough to travel the stars, they likely wouldn't want anything to do with all the idiots on this planet anyway.
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  6. KingDavid

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    There's this thing called the Fermi Paradox. Basically, the stars are too far apart for contact to be plausible, according to the laws of physics as we know them today.

    There's no reason to believe they're watching us. We'd have to assume alien life has figured this out and they're not telling us or the Cloud People. And that's kinda a dick move.

    However, wherever there's stars going supernova, there's Rube Goldberg machines of life and order - giving birth to the building blocks of life - until eventually you have lifeforms that are dumb enough to ask these sort of questions.
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  7. UAPbobby

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    The argument for a Multiverse is very strong a parallel universe for every decision made is created spawning a new timeline due to that decision. String theory has also a very attractive posibility that it is theorectically plausible
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  8. Autonomous

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    Aliens aren't real.
  9. LeatherPants

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    for super-string theory to work...multiple universes are mandatory. The "plank-ian" world of super-string theory introduces M-theory..or Brane-theory. The math doesnt work with-out 11 extra dimensions. Its that simple.
  10. Ericisthename

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    Possibly both. Can there be a universe producing mother?
    Aliens must exist, according to mathematics.
    We are not so special.
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  11. Ericisthename

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    Where my nerds at??
  12. Elii92

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    This here. There surely is life elsewhere as well, but we just don't know about it yet.
    Either because everyone is isolated, or we're just not worth it yet
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  13. LeatherPants

    LeatherPants Guest

    yes..we are isolated for sure....even if our closest neighbor had life on would take several million years to get there ..........going the speed of light! The universe is so vast its difficult to truly comprehend.
  14. Pinguu

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    This is something which has been debated forever

    So as earlier pointed out there was Fermi. Let me start with Drake, who over a lunch-debate about number "sentient" species came up with Drake's Equation on an approximate number of habitable planets in the universe.

    So he took most pessimistic numbers in consideration, he looked at Rate of Star formation, a fraction of those stars with planets, average number of planets with potential for life, fraction of life to become intelligent, fraction of intelligent life to go to space, and lengths of time for them to send signals in outer space. (I am just giving a gist of the main thought). This number in the observable universe itself is humungous.

    Drake formulated this in the 1960's and then later came Fermi with his Paradox. If Drake's number was so high why haven't we heard from anyone yet?

    So two main school of thoughts are:

    1) There are Aliens but no one is interested: (why?)

    a) They think of us as inferior, there is nothing they could get from us, so they don't care about us
    b) All civilizations eventually go mechanical and thus start reaching a state of self-actualization where they wonder and ponder about existence and life rather than going about some space adventures
    c) our part of universe is silent and relatively empty​

    2) There are no aliens (at least no intelligent space-faring aliens) (why?)
    So till the last decade, it was considered hubris to think of humanity as an only possible civilization in the universe. However, lately, some other things have come into Drake's equation which even makes Earth actually an anomaly

    a) Our star - Sun is a G Type Star. G Type are most rare in the universe. G Type is stable, they do not expand or contract or throw tons of radiation. That radiation itself would kill any life that might be close to the star. So a planet, even with water, the inhabitable zone around any star that is Not a G Type, would have almost zero probability of sustaining or nurturing an intelligent life.

    b) Meteors - Twice our planet has been cleansed so to speak. One happened when Earth was settling down and that Meteor most probably brought life to a sterile planet. That life bloomed and reached almost to the Jurassic age. If second Meteor wouldnt have happened to wipe out the dinosaur, the apes would never get to be dominant species on the planet. So timing of that impact is extraordinary.

    c) Jupiter and Saturn - Most solar systems we observe from Earth, have interior planets as large planets with sizes going down as we go away from their star. The reason for this is simple, in earlier stages of formation of a solar system, all planets are debris and Sun attracts more of them towards it due to its massive gravity. Most debris gets together and forms planets over a period of time. Jupiter and Saturn for Earth have been like big overprotective brothers. Amount of comets, meteorites they attract towards them kept and keeps Earth Safe.

    d) Galaxy Core - Galaxies have a core, we are not sure yet what their colour signifies, however, we have recently found that these cores have gone calmer in relatively recent times (recent in astronomical terms). Which actually signifies that "Life" in any form is a relatively recent phenomenon. As these Galaxy cores in newly formed Galaxies are violent and spew enough radiation to wipe out any things in its entire star systems.

    e) Moon - A tidally locked Moon, give us currents, climates and spin to our axis. More importantly in most of the observable systems, nowhere we have Planet vs Sattelite ratio as Earth vs Moon in sizes. Our Moon is super special.

    f) Lastly the basics, a molten core to give us magnetic shield, presence in the habitable zone

    Thus are we special, yes we are.

    There is just one race Human race, and there is just this planet.

    Makes me feel more humble to do good. ​
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  15. Ericisthename

    Ericisthename Well-Known Member FCN Regular

    Uhhh, did not read all that crap.

    There has to be more out there.
  16. Pinguu

    Pinguu Well-Known Member FCN Regular


    Fermi Paradox - 36Mins , if anyone is interested.
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  17. Ericisthename

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    Thanks, but nahhhhhhhh.

    Wait. Any mention of Melmac??
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  18. AmyUKx

    AmyUKx Guest

    absence of proof doesn't mean there isn't, or is, or isn't, or is, or isn't
  19. Pinguu

    Pinguu Well-Known Member FCN Regular

    Science is not about belief it is about facts.

    Humanity is observing and can always say for proof by a time.

    This moment our sun is stable, is there a proof for it today - yes? do we have proof it will be or not be next year? No.

    So answers are mostly sought by the time one stands in.

    Currently, by all the facts we observe, we might have no one around.
  20. Ali3n

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    ''Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the universe or we are not, both are equally terrifying'' - Arthur C. Clarke.

    Quite frankly, I believe that there is life out there. I would argue that it's incredibly unlikely that there isn't. As someone else mentioned in this thread, life could be anything; microscopic bacteria, planets etc. You'd have to be silly to think that our planet, in the ENTIRE universe, is the only capable of supporting ANY form of life.

    When it comes to aliens - the humanoids we all think of in some form or another - exists, it amazes me just how quickly the possibility of it is dismissed, and yet billions of people believe in some form of celestial invisible omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent creator of all things, without doubt or question? I'll even throw in the possible suggestion of extraterrestrial interaction with ancient civilisations, potentially evidenced through the odd-looking humans his hieroglyphics, pyramids can be seen from space and the appearance of UFO's in Renaissance paintings. Is it conclusive? Not at all. Is it worth more than absolute dismissal? Absolutely.
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