Thoughts on - aliens and multiverse?

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by goku1234, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. SirBobBobingtonTheThird

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    Aliens are 100% out there, it's an infinite universe, everything is possible, as for the multiverse I personally believe it, and if we can't find proof it could even be because we are in the version of the universe where there is no such thing as the multiverse
  2. Phantasym

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    There’s an interesting podcast called Stuff to Blow Your Mind that goes into this in detail in a couple episodes (or at least the aliens part, not the multiverse stuff). The episodes are called The Machine Lords of Barnard (parts 1 and 2). Worth checking out.
  3. Ukman33

    Ukman33 New Member

    My point of view.. people claim universe is so large there must be life out there

    Just the amount of unbelievable flukes that earth had to go through just for us to exist has left me thinking maybe life is not as enevatable has expected

    I am positive that what we call the UFO,UAP is definitely not aliens, reason being that distances are too far too travel, also the energy required to teavell faster than light is probably a pipe dreams

    More likely is that what we are seeing is eitheral a strange natural earth phenomena that we can't figure out.
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  4. Moxx-

    Moxx- Well-Known Member FCN Regular

    Bet aliens are just watching us laughing at how stupid we are
  5. SandraMaus

    SandraMaus Well-Known Member FCN Regular

    I don't think so. Because this is something we do. If they are smarter and more advanced than us, they just wouldn't bother. Because they been at our level eons ago. If they travel at speed of light or do galaxy hopping they have found much more interesting stuff in this or some other universe
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  6. Moxx-

    Moxx- Well-Known Member FCN Regular

    fair point or well points
  7. PiriPiri

    PiriPiri Guest

    Idk maybe, maybe yes maybe not? The Universe is so big, mayhe theres something out there, maybe this is all a big simulation.. Who knows.
  8. armydick

    armydick Active Member FCN Regular

    Pretty sure there has been and will be life again on other planets im not sure if any of it was intelligent and non of it was likely to be humanoid.
  9. Ygpython

    Ygpython New Member

    As per Darwin's theory survival of fittest I think there is always a creature in all conditions. As per that I guess Aliens do exist but we haven't been that eligible in technology to see aliens or their tracemarks and I think multi universe also exist
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  10. Two equally competing thoughts on this, no way to show which is right (yet).

    First - If naturalistic evolution is true, there must be life on other planets due to the vast number of them we have found which contain liquid water. To say it only worked on Earth turns it into a religion.

    Second - There cannot be aliens because , as Dr Forgan surmised, we have found no von Neumann Probes in our solar system. We are a very young star - other civilizations would be far more technologically advanced than use simply due to how long they would have existed (we have a very young star).
  11. HandsomeDevil

    HandsomeDevil Active Member FCN Regular

    Well when people think of aliens they think of something along the lines of the xenomorph or little green men or whatever. An "alien" could be something as basic bacteria surviving on some random planet.

    Damn you hollywood *shakes my first in the air*

    Earth even earth has bacteria in the form of extremophiles which can withstand a stupid amount of heat or pressure and happily survive.
  12. rekhal

    rekhal Active Member FCN Regular

    pretty sure we live every second of our live traversing multiverses...
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  13. Wiscorealistic

    Wiscorealistic Well-Known Member FCN Regular

    Just a enormous piece of dirt traveling through space with billions of evolving years. Chemically building and creating.
    Breeding some intelligence along the way. Space is infinite. Biological life forms would have difficulty transversing.
    Emerging though is intelligent robotic machines.
    Itself could introduce a self sustaining space traveler.. thinking about that..
  14. NJguy86

    NJguy86 Member FCN Regular

    Anyone know the distance from our solar system to the nearest possible life supporting planet? I'm thinking there IS life someplace, the amount of time it takes light to get to us from there is such a distance that we're seeing millions of years into their past. Imagine, anyone looking at us wouldn't even see the invention of fire by the stick banging cavemen.
  15. rorykills

    rorykills Active Member FCN Regular

    i like to think that aliens and stuff exist, but i mean, most have never physically seen one themselves, and if they have, we haven't seen any proof of one. but i mean, most have caught what seems to be ufos in the sky all the time. but im not really sure on the multiverse part.
  16. SandraMaus

    SandraMaus Well-Known Member FCN Regular

    They probably gave us the idea or brains to come up with the internet as a test. 1998" Let's see how they cope if they got all their knowledge, information in a medium they all can access.
    2022" Noooope. They can't join the United Galaxy, and they cannot under any circumstances get a login to the galaxynet.

    Some 2000 years ago " They just nailed the only member of their tribe who could make water into wine to a tree....... Let's get out of here"
  17. HelmuthMudd

    HelmuthMudd Guest

    We shall see what we shall see .
  18. Jamess20

    Jamess20 New Member FCN Regular

    So for the people who don't believe in aliens, you're telling me that out of the billions of trillions of years the universe has existed, there hasn't been at least one other instance where an environment that could host life, such as our very own Earth, didn't come to? It's just logically infeasible trying to say that there isn't any other life out there. Sure the general public may not have proof but you also don't need to be a biologist to know there's still species on Earth that haven't been discovered. Just my 2 cents.
  19. ToryLane

    ToryLane Well-Known Member FCN Regular

    Aliens are 100% real but too far never been here cause relativity.. about multiverse scientist are most in favor of simulation or multiverse but the one uneverse theory is least posible. I am in favor of simulation and the most mindbuglung is that is posible that ee are in simulation in simulation cause think about it we are simulating life too ;)
  20. sexychatterguy

    sexychatterguy Member FCN Regular

    we all know for sure that politicians are the main reason that aliens steer clear of us... the ET intellect would be astonished by the amount of stupidity wanked up by the politicians :D

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